CCF : Reports from the 2nd Halandri Trial (Greece)

From This Is Our Job:

Summary of days 26 and 27 (Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, July 26) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

These sessions marked the beginning of the defense attorneys’ remarks.

As one of the attorneys pointed out, the four Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades have distanced their position from the “defensive” remarks of their attorneys, since the comrades don’t recognize the authority of the court and won’t make apologias. The attorney explained that the defense attorneys’ remarks would thus express only their own opinions, and not the anarchist position of the Fire Cells Conspiracy. Naturally, all the attorneys showed respect for the choices and attitudes of the four comrades, even directing the charges back at the court and declaring that “the terrorist is the state.” They also specifically referred to the notion of political responsibility, emphasizing that the act of taking political responsibility is fundamentally different from the act of taking criminal responsibility.

Here we must accent that prior statements made by members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy have made it clear that, to them, taking political responsibility also means actively defending every Fire Cells Conspiracy attack. Beyond that, they consider theory and practice to be inseparable, and they therefore never asserted that they were being “persecuted for their ideas” but rather for their decision to take up arms and attack the structures of power and its society by using all methods: texts, fires, Molotovs, bombs, firearms. That’s the choice they made—to take part in permanent anarchist insurrection. It’s a choice they will keep refusing to apologize for, a choice they even keep alive from inside prison with their texts, their books, their attitude against the prison system, their escape attempt, and their rejection of courtroom apologias.

Additionally, as the Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades have stated:

We are anarchists of praxis. Ideas and theories that don’t dare become practices end up as cowardly chitchat nourished by passive excuses and inhibitions. You aren’t criminally prosecuting us simply for some lovely anarchist theories printed on a piece of paper, but rather for our CHOICE that our ideas also speak through the flame that lights the fuse, the cloth that stoppers the Molotov, the still warm barrel of a gun.

The trial was adjourned to Wednesday, September 5.

Summary of day 25 (Friday, July 20) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

The comrades didn’t appear at this session, which was completely devoted to the prosecutor’s remarks. By not showing up, they thus showed their disdain for the proceedings and for the prosecutor himself.

At the beginning of his dissertation, the prosecutor commented on the absence of the comrades, quipping: “They didn’t honor me with their presence.” He then continued his sermon/delirium in praise of democracy, saying that “all must submit to its laws.” He concluded by requesting that the comrades be found guilty on all charges.

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