"About the new set-up" – Letter from Mario “Tripa” López (Mexico)

From the imprisoned injured anarchist “Tripa” (The Gut), harmed after an accident.

About the new set-up

Reading the press bulletin released on the 11th of July 2012, I started to feel a sense of worry from the anarchist ¨movement¨ about a probable repressive wave, such as a police set-up. This type of offensive strike are now ¨popularly¨ known and an every day occurrence in the three countries of the Mediterranean with the most anarchist presence, and also in the south of the American continent where anarchist action stands out, particularly in Chile.

In the year 1996, a repressive anti-anarchist operation took place simultaneously throughout diverse regions of Italy, with 50 anarchists being detained. Finally, 8 compañer@s were sentences to between 6 and 50 years in prison. In each moment, the compañer@s in question, with their clear convictions, pointed out that the ¨juridical process¨ being carried out against the anarchists was a set-up, as they were being accused of belonging to an imaginary ¨criminal organization¨ (R.I.A.O ¨Revolutionary Insurrectionalist Anarchist Organization¨) which, for a question of ethical principals and for the methods of organization and action that they proposed, would never be part of. Alfredo Bonanno, Pipo Stasi, Maximo Passamani and the compañero Constantino were among the most well known of those arrested. To illustrate this particular deed, I widely recommend a text by Bonanno titled ¨Montaje¨ and that, from an anarchist point of view, without mediation or dialogue, analyzes this type of repressive strategy implemented by the system of domination. This particular set up of the repressive forces of the Italian State is known in our circles as the ¨Marini process¨, alluding to the prosecutor Antonio Marini who pulled the whole confused fictitious conspiracy out of his sleeve, like something out of Hollywood.

On the 28th of July 2004, another creation of this type would be re-edited in Italy, this time it was known as ¨Operation Cervantes¨, where again they invented a ¨set-up¨ so impetuous that in the end it fell under its own weight. In this occasion they kidnapped the compañer@s Simone del Moro, Davide Santini, Marco Ferruzi and Sergio Maria Stefani. Recently, the Italian compañer@s have been hit again by the repressive authorities with the so-called ¨Operacion Osadia¨, which surely will end being known as another one of the Italian State´s set-ups against anarchist agitation.

In Chile, following the unfortunate death of the compañero Mauricio Morales, the Chilean State carried out a giant repressive operation known as the ¨Bombs Case¨, in which 14 anarchist and anti-authoritarian compañer@s were involved, in a clear and well armed set up that has currently been waning. The common denominator in those countries is the activities of the anarchist groups and individual action of anarchists of praxis. The same is true in the case of Mexico, where Anarchy is becoming more and more evident, which is why libertarian organizations and collectives, that have always worked openly are being ¨criminalized¨, with the invention of complicities, alliances and criminal links which for us in the reality translate to friendships and companionships based on an affinity of ideas. All of this ¨thriller¨- Mexico version – is being put into practice from the instant of my detention, with the purpose of ¨dismantling¨ an obviously inexistent ¨radical-criminal¨ organization. For this they are using me as a starting point for a witch-hunt of anarchists, I don´t doubt that at all. Based on my personal relationships, my networks of companionship and friendship, they are trying to mount a media circus very similar to those seen after the tragic accidents of the compañero Mauri and the compañero Tortuga, a vulgar set up built on my friendships, affinities and my solidarity. In my understanding of the anarchist ideal and in my insurrectionalist anarchist practice, there exists nothing more far-removed than the anarchist idea than the conformation of a formal and well structured organization, that restricts freedom and individual autonomy and reduces the capacity to support other particular struggles or that of the anarchist struggle itself. I have never had a leader and I can´t even remotely imagine accepting the orders and mandates of one, even less can I imagine aiming to be one, in fact, as anarchist we hate them. As anarchists think for ourselves and act accordingly. In showing solidarity with the fellow prisoners in Mexico and the world, I am only responding to my anarchist ethic- a necessary and indispensable condition of the fight- and not out of some structural connection that denotes the existence of their supposed ¨criminal organization¨.

What is happening now is predictable because we have already lived it in the past and we know how they work in the dark labyrinths of power. Once again we find ourselves face to face with the enemy. A set up or a repressive operation is a calculated and well-planned strike from within the entrails of domination, destined to obstruct and eradicate anarchist activity and demoralize the anarchic individuals.

Faced with this new attack, the struggle must continue, as solidarity is more than a written word- it is our best weapon to confront them and to extend the Anarchist Insurrection.

Compañer@s, supporting themselves on my position, on my intransigent anarchist praxis, in the ¨crimes¨ that they accuse me of and based on my declarations, they are trying to eradicate anarchist action and fracture even more the already divided anarchist ¨movement¨, widening the differences and deepening the divisions between the ¨good¨ and the ¨bad¨, the ¨adapted¨ and the ¨maladapted¨, the ¨violent¨ and the ¨non-violent¨, the ¨legalist¨ and the ¨illegalist¨ and how many other dichotomies that can be established taking my action as a starting point.

Strong and consistent. Face to face with the enemy!
Solidarity with the anarchist prisoners in Mexico and the world.
Solidarity with Billy, Eat, Gabriel, Marco, Stella Antoniou, with the Bolivian anarchists in prison: my mind and my heart is with you.
The Anarchist Insurrection is inevitable. Social war on all fronts!
Health and Anarchy!

Mario López “Tripa”
Reclusorio Sur, México City. 6th August 2012.

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