Athens: Anarchist Tasos Theofilou arrested and accused of bank robbery and membership of the R.O. CCF (Greece)

From actforfree:

Tasos Theofilou was arrested in Athens accused of robbing a bank in Paros Island August 18th, 2012 where a man was killed while trying to stop the robbers. He states that he is an anarchist.

He has denied having anything to do with the robbery and the murder at Paros. He claims he wasn’t even on the island that day. He is also accused of being part of the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” and of carrying out terrorist actions.

ALL CHARGES ARE BASED SOLELY ON THE DNA EVIDENCE. DNA does not give 100% safe results as it has been pointed out by scientists.

His lawyer, Spiros Fitrakis, had stated since Wednesday that his client denies all charges, and also disputes the way they took the DNA through which he was identified as the perpetrator in the Paros case. It should be noted that the cooperating media snitches have already shown photos of him since the first day and have condemned him before there is even a trial.

We would like to express our solidarity to anarchist comrade Tasos Theofilou.

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