Arrests in Rovereto (Italy): Massimo Passamani in prison and Daniella Battisti under house arrest

325 was wrongly attributed as the source of the following story which appeared on anarchistnews. Solidarity with Massimo and Daniella. Open source warfare against the existent. Down with the Italian regime of bankers and military-fascist corporations. See also : 1 & 2

From anarchistnews.org:

The most totalitarian society is that which knows how to paint chains with the color of liberty, which is the commodity par excellence today. If the most effective repression is that which nullifies the very desire to rebel, social consensus is preventive repression, the policing of ideas and decisions.

This morning, the 27th of August, in an operation by the special forces of the Carabinieri, in which dozens of police participated and more than ten houses were searched, at two anarchist centers (in Trent and Rovereto) they detained comrades Massimo Passamani and Daniella Battisti, the first is in jail at Tolmezzo and the second on house arrest.

The charges are unclear, but it is known that the arrests were orchestrated under 270a, i.e. subversive association. According to the bourgeois press (Radio NBC) they are accused of at least “28 acts, ranging from attacks against cell phone towers belonging to Vodafone and Wind” and disturbances “in Susa Valley,* in Rome and in Greece”. Also, the press consistently makes its allegation that Massimo is the “leader” of the Italian insurrectionist anarchists. In recent months, many journalists repeat the claim of this alleged leadership.

Along this line are the statements of the Piedmontese parliament of the PD (Democratic Party) Stefano Esposito who did not hesitate to go out and give a press conference this afternoon in which he declared that for months he has denounced “the role played by Massimo Passamani in the Susa Valley as head of the militant and violent wing of the No TAV* movement”. And he continued, saying that he awaits “the opinions of several Turin intellectuals who attacked me when I denounced the role of the antagonists and I am especially waiting to see if the people of the Susa Valley against the TAV will distance themselves from accused subversives”.

Divide and conquer.

Let’s see if, after the armies of police and soldiers that invaded the valley in order to supervise its destruction to benefit the project of the TAV of Capital, the classic formula of dividing those who fight into “good” and “bad” works this time in the Susa Valley We can only add that no anarchist will ever be alone. Each will show solidarity in the way they see fit, but the best way is to continue fighting.

To write (Massimo can read Spanish):

Massimo Passamani
Carcere San Michele
Strada Casale 50/A
15122 Alessandria

*Site of the TAV (high speed rail) line currently under construction.

A collection of texts by Passamani, “More, Much More,” can be downloaded here: http://zinelibrary.info/more-much-more-0

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