Evgenia Pticina-Ovsova: police informant in Moscow anarchist scene (Russia)

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Evgenia Pticina-Ovsova took part in animal rights and anarchist activity. Became paid informant after Khimki riot. She then switched from animal rights to infiltration of direct action groups. She expressed special interest in explosives and gas bombs. Her target was gathering information on group responsible for bombing highway police post in summer 2011 in Moscow.

In early autumn of 2011, 3 anarchists were arrested based on the information gathered by this snitch.
Pticina-Ovsova underwent a fake arrest procedure as well and was subsequently placed in a cell with another arrestee. She tried to make the girl “reflect on the past” and attempted to talk her into admitting guilt in some actions.
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Some members of ABC-Moscow, former friends and comrades of Evgenia Ovsova

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