Communiqué about the inquisitive operation called “Thor” / Comunicato per l’operazione inquisitrice denominata “Thor” (Italia)

1 September 2012 : DIGOS political police have made a number of raids against so-called “anarchist-insurrectionalist cells” in Ravenna, under the article 270bis (subversive association). Comrades from Parole Armate and Edizioni Cerbero are hit again. According to the bourgeois media, 3 comrades were detained and they are accused of links with the CCF and FAI, as well as participating in attacks in Ravenna. The name of the spectacle of persecution is “Thor”, as reference to the smashing of ATMs with hammers, and also to the TOR anonymity software.

Communiqué about the inquisitive operation called “Thor”

On 1st September I learnt that I’m being investigated for 270bis in an operation called “Thor”, which concerns attacks carried out in Ravenna.

Until now – as initially happened for operation “Ardire” – I was not stopped by the police nor was I notified any warrant.

The street will give me a sign…

To all those who have affinity with me and act in an anti-juridicial and amoral way I declare

A non vindictive trajectory which denies any parabola Ope Legis.

In addition to this, I propose an overcoming of any solidarity which is like christian charity, with Egoist Nihilist action, as written in the text “Personal Inferno”.

I stand as an individual responsible for myself only and I claim a trajectory that celebrate my Ego!

And I give my affinity to the attacks carried out by sublime individuals in Ravenna – and to those who destroy imposed everyday life by destroying the rules and dynamics of society-order and by annihilating any moral and behavioural code of human society.

I give my Egoist affinity to all the forms of informal guerrilla like that of single individuals who specifically make claims (thus given specificity to their singularity)with a name or acronym!

Forward with destroyer Nihilism!

Federico Buono “Compulsive”

“The Nihilist attack does not know borders that knits one’s own path, and in the continuous search for a willing movement that – in the chosen moment – denies the law – by colliding with the authority in charge of the law – with the legally recognized citizen – and with those who choose jurisprudence as forma mentis in the ethical defence of their redemption.

“The Key-Code of Order”

Comunicato per l’operazione inquisitrice denominata “Thor”

In quel del 1 Settembre vengo a sapere di essere inquisito per 270bis in un operazione denominata “Thor” su degli attentati perpetrati a Ravenna.
Fino ad ora-come successo per l’operazione “Ardire”inizialmente-non sono stato fermato e nessuno mi ha notificato nessun atto.
La strada mi darà un segno..

A tutti i miei affini di sangue e a chi attenta agendo in maniera antigiuridica e amorale dichiaro
Un non percorso rivendicativo e negatore di ogni parabola Ope Legis.
Inoltre propongo un superamento di ogni solidarietà da carità cristiana con l’azione Nichilista Egoista come scritto sul testo “Inferno Personale”.
Mi pongo come assuntore di me stesso individuo come rivendicatore di un percorso che esalta il mio Io!
E do la mia affinità negli attentati perpetrati da sublimi individui in quel di Ravenna-e a chi distrugge la quotidianità imposta-distruggendo le regole e le dinamiche della società ordine annientando ogni codice morale e di condotta verso la società umana.
Do la mia affinità Egotista a tutte le forme di guerriglia informale come quella degli individui singoli che si rivendicano specificatamente(dando una specificità alla loro singolarità)con una sigla o acronimo!
Avanti per il Nichilismo distruttore!

Federico Buono “Compulsivo“

“L’attacco Nichilista non conosce confini che rimarginano il proprio vissuto,e alla continua ricerca di un moto volente che-nel momento e nell’attimo scelto-neghi il diritto-andando in collisione con l’autorità preposta alla legge-con il cittadino legalmente riconosciuto-e con chi sceglie la giurisprudenza come forma mentis nella difesa etica della propria redenzione”.
“Il Codice della chiave-ordine”

Italy, Operation Thor – Searches in Ravenna
From informa-azione.info
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

1st September 2012: the prosecution of Bologna continues its contribution to the flatulent repressive orchestra that has been savouring the sad craving of judges, carabinieri and DIGOS all around Italy in these months. Early this morning, several houses were searched and 13 comrades were notified investigations concerning an operation called “Thor”… because one of the actions under investigation concerns a cash machine that got hammered. From what has been learned there was no arrest.
The varied juridical instruments tuned for the occasion include articles 110, 112 and 270 bis of the penal code; according to the inquisitors the subversive association is built around the group “Ravenna AUT”, whereas the specific actions refer to attacks on a cash machine and a branch of Unicredit, on company cars ENI and CMC, and on luxury cars such as SUV and limousines, all this with aims of subversion of the democratic order.
Solidarity with all the comrades investigated and searched.
Update will follow.

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