Parole Armate: Waking up one morning… Thor! (Italy)

From ParoleArmate
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I’m not going to waste my time by shouting from the rooftops after the nth repressive wave against anarchists because I believe it will remain a limited episode of little importance (but this must be seen yet). As a matter of fact, however, this morning [1st September] the prosecution of Bologna made us yet another ‘present’ (the first one for me), which adds to a long series of unwanted repressive ‘gifts’. 270bis has come back, more brighter than ever! Honestly, we missed it!

The charges pressed against us in this phantom operation in Ravenna? Having put cash machines on fire here and there, damaged cars and placed explosive devices.

What can I say? I didn’t expect I’d wake up in this way, nor did the other comrades involved (of whom I don’t want to mention the names as I’m not part of the press of the State!). And what about Tomo, who is already at his third search in two months as he saw the DIGOS (HANGMEN) storming his house and taking away all his IT material for the nth time?

But it is not my intention to cry and play the role of the persecuted anarchist. However, I want to say something also on behalf of ParoleArmate: if you think you can stop the struggle and the spreading of iconoclast and anarchist thoughts with these vile and demeaning actions, you are totally wrong. Those who undertake the path of struggle know exactly where they are going, so the shout against the State and its servants is getting louder and louder.

Sara PA

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