Update about the judicial process against comrade Mario "Tripa" Lopez by ABC Mexico (Mexico)

From Liberacion Total:

30 August 2012
The first trial was not held and was adjourned. In addition, comrade Mario “Tripa” Lopez (“The Gut”) was already removed from the “Health Section” in spite of the fact that his injuries are still not healed. During the past week, there were moves by the “Tripa” to hold an initial hearing of the trial. However, due to the fact that the judge did not issue the corresponding summons, the first hearing was not carried out and will be reprogrammed. In those days, various comrades were given dates to come to the court, to accompany Mario, to be able to see him and send greetings to him across from behind the glass.

No doubt, the delay in the hearing is a strategy by the judges to lengthen the process and in this way to wear down our comrade. The legal team continue to do their work, intending to put a stop to these manoeuvres on the part of the judge.

Mario is already tranferred to the Observation and Classification wing of the prison, despite his injuries not being totally healed. There he will face the typical dynamics of the prison, where you pay for everything, including the ability to circulate within the area.

We say as always, we will meet in health and strength, and solidarity will continue for as long as it is necessary.

Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

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