Week of mobilization and international solidarity from September 21 to September 30, for all our comrades kidnapped all over the world

325 receives and transmits:

The survival of capitalism is so monotonous and is structured in such a way that it is not so different from that of cruel prison. Cities, timetables, work, school, family and countless repressive bodies are suffocating us in a way that resembles a big prison unit. Surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, thousands of cops defending property, severe judges smiling satisfied when they enforce their harsh laws, tight handcuffs before their impregnable cages, etc, etc: this is what society uses in order to keep individuals under control; those who, fearing the punishment reserved to those who trespass the codes of imposed behaviour, stay silent, get used to oppression, absorb it like an integral part of life, like something natural, and so they prefer to avoid conflict with authority instead of rebelling. The powerful in all States don’t spare any efforts to repress and imprison those who have set themselves against the existent.

But today we are not going to write about survival within capitalism. We want to greet those who did not hesitate to trespass their moral enclosures and fought power face to face, those who today are inside the most blatant edifice of repression, prison. We are writing to express our solidarity with our comrades in jail. Power attacks by imprisoning comrades and organizes itself in order to crush the ideas of freedom. The revenge of power particularly hits well known individuals who openly declare themselves anti-authoritarian or anarchist and make an important weapon of struggle out of the spreading of ideas-deeds, as happened in Italy, Bolivia and Chile. The spectre generating from the possibility of an international web (we don’t mean any kind of organization) must continue to materialize like a real proposal.

A web through which comrades in different parts of the world – who don’t know one another nor will they ever meet, don’t obey any kind of structure or need any ideologies or ‘leaders’, can unite their will, efforts and complicity in order to face dominion in all its aspects, and with different instruments can overcome language barriers and fictitious borders and establish links of solidarity by overcoming false impositions…

Therefore, from September 21 to September 30, we call for a week of unrest and solidarity with our brothers and sisters, with comrades kidnapped all over the world. It shouldn’t be necessary to make calls for a week of unrest, as we normally don’t like to do this because ‘solidarity’ does not knows calendar dates. But actions are being diluted in the endless chasm of information and in ‘so-called local struggles’, whereas the concentration of our energies in a limited period of time will help us to give a renewed and constant impulse to the struggle against prison and the spreading of libertarian ideas. Any action, any word of support gives strength and courage to prisoners.

And in this struggle for total liberation we don’t forget the repression suffered by millions of animals locked up in zoos, circuses and laboratories. We must struggle for their liberation.

This is a call to say, by multiform actions and different instruments, that our imprisoned comrades are not forgotten. Our actions of solidarity elude all watchtowers and run over kilometres of ocean in order to embrace all the irreducible standing out in the struggle inside and outside prison.

However we put the abstract imposition of borders into question, since so-called internationalism shouldn’t be such, considering that ‘in the world of bosses we are all foreigners.’

Rebel greetings to:

– In Chile: Luciano Pitronello “Tortuga”, Carla Verdugo and Iván Silva, the comrades of so-called “Security case”: Juan Aliste Vega, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla. To Alberto Olivares, Juan Tapia and to the brother and sister on the run Gabriela Curilem and Diego Rios. And to those arrested in street struggles; Sebastian “Chasca” Fajardo, Eduardo “Mecha” Garay, and to all those standing trial for street clashes.

– In Bolivia: Henry Serragundo and Mayron Mioshiro

– In Argentina: Diego Petrissans and Leandro Morel

– In Mexico: Mario Lopez, Braulio Duran and comrade on the run Felicity Ryder.

– In the States : Mumia Abu Jamal, Douglas Wright, Brandon Baxter, Connor Stevens, Joshua Stafford, Marie Mason and Eric McDavid.

– In Indonesia: Eat and Billy.

– In Italy: Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi, Giulia Marziale, Lucca Abbá and those sentenced for the clashes of the G8 Genoa 2001.

– In Switzerland: Marco Camenisch and Costa.

– In Germany: Gabriel Pombo da Silva. Sonja Suder and Christian Gauger (the last two were arrested last year after 33 years on the run).

– In Spain: Tamara Hernández (now free on bail, she was sentenced to 8 years awaiting partial amnesty to shorten her sentence), Claudio Lavazza and Juan Rico.

– To the comrades imprisoned in Russia and Belarus*.

– And above all to all the prisoners in struggle and the comrades on the run in Greece (the comrades of the Cells of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle and all those imprisoned for their anti-authoritarian practice).

And to all the prisoners who set themselves at war also from inside the cages all over the world…

Until the destruction of the last bastion of the prison society!


* Addendum to list of prisoners from ABC Russia

Ihar Alinievich
Aliaksandar Frantskievich
(various DAs in Belarus)

Mikalai Dziadok
Jauhen Vas’kovich
Artsiom Prakapenka
(firebombing of KGB prison)

Aleksei Sutuga
(militant antifascist)

Aleksandra Duhanina
Stepan Zimin
(street fights with police during protests)


Ilya Romanov
(Russian anarchist and member of insurrectionary organization, imprisoned for bank robberies and bombing attempts), in prison and under press since late 1990-s.

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