Athens: Trial of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Sessions 27, 28 and 29 (Greece)

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Session 27, Wednesday 5/9/12
In this session the 4 members of the CCF refused to appear in court. They reacted with this way to the vengeful transfers they succumbed to during the summer, resulting in them returning to Koridallos prisons 24 hours before the trial began. The court adjourned for Friday 7/9

Session 28, Friday 7/9

In this session Christos Tsakalos, member of the CCF, refused to appear in court and sent the following statement:
‘I refuse to appear in the circus of your court. Your proposition smells of submission and your show is cheap and repulsive. As for your condemning decision, frame it and put it up in your offices, because it does not interest me… Nothing will stop the action of the CCF and the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front. The wolf inside us remains restless and does not forget… Nothing has finished… everything continues… Anarchy and insurrectionist action will either be illegal or will be nothing…’
During the session there was tension between the members of the CCF, D.Bolano, Michalis and Giorgos Nikolopoulos, and the judges. The chairman mentioned the phrase used in a previous session by the members of the CCF, who addressing the judges they said “put your mitigations up your asses…”. The comrades repeated the phrase this way completely devaluating the court and stating their hostile intentions for the state justice. Besides, during the whole of the previous trial as well as the trial for the “Halandri case” the members of the CCF have kept an absolute anti-juridical attitude, whether it is through the refusal to appear in the court room and the ceasing of their advocates, or through the anarchist statements they make there against the state its society, or with their aggressive gestures towards the judges (throwing flyers, swearing at the prosecutor, attacking the cops in the court room etc). In the tension created in this session, the comrades swore at the chairman and prosecutor while simultaneously D.Bolano stood up and threw a bottle full of water, which broke when hitting the juridical seat. Immediately the comrades were surrounded by the cops, who stopped them from expressing their threatening moods further and the incident continued verbally! As an ending for the trial, the comrades ceased their lawyers and left. While leaving, and swearing at the judges, they managed to spit in their faces.
The session ended immediately after and the next session was set for Tuesday 11/9.

Session 29, Tuesday 11/9/12
In today’s session none of the members of the CCF appeared, while there were no lawyers either. The 4 members of the CCF sent written statements that they refuse to appear in a trial-circus, as they call it, and they do not accept to be represented by any lawyer. The court none the less appointed them new lawyers although, as the chairman said himself, it is a given that the comrades of the CCF will not accept them.
The next session was scheduled for Wednesday 19/9.

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