Callout for contributions to Affinity booklet (UK)

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Black Iris Press are a small, DIY publishing collective who produce a zine series called Affinity, conceived as a space for critical discussion and personal reflection on different strategies for resisting and struggling against the dominant culture. We have decided to wrap up this zine series, and in so doing are compiling a booklet collating all of the issues published so far along with new articles. We would like to invite responses and reflections to material we’ve published, as well as articles covering new topics. In particular we are interested in exploring the topics of work and prison, originally planned as two separate issues but which will now be combined into this booklet. We are open to other relevant subjects, and also welcome more general overviews and perspectives on strategies and aspects of political resistance in the UK.

Our own ideas and perspectives are firmly rooted in anarchist and anti-authoritarian traditions, and we are interested in hearing from people who roughly share a common starting point. We would also be particularly interested to hear from people who don’t identify primarily as male. The only editorial guidelines are that articles are not too long and include the personal reflections and perspectives of the author. We would also be happy to receive images and artwork.

The deadline for submissions is 1 January 2013.

All of our previous issues can be found at blackirispress.wordpress.com

If you would like to contribute to the booklet, or have any further questions, please email blackirispress[at]riseup.net

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