The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary – a new Anarchist Black Cross fundraising project (UK)

Brighton Anarchist Black Cross is proud to announce the launch of the Bottle Wasp Pocket Diary, a fund-raising project whose very first edition goes on sale for the first time at the 2012 London Anarchist Bookfair (27th October at Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS). Priced at £5, the diary features daily, weekly and monthly historical listings and milestones in the worlds of prison and anarchist and class struggle politics, together with long-term anarchist and class struggle prisoners’ birthdays. Additionally, the 2013 edition includes articles on a number of subjects including the history of ABC and practical advice on prisoners support, alongside contributions from the likes of Legal Defence & Monitoring Group on ‘No Comment’ and suing the police, Haven Books to Prisoners, Kate Sharpley Library, Green & Black Cross, etc. plus extensive links to other groups active in these areas.

We aim to both fund one-off prisoner support projects as well as setting up regular stipends to selected groups and individuals i.e. long-term prisoners, as well as offering a number of diaries at cost price (plus postage and packing) to ABC groups so that they can fund-raise directly for themselves. There is also the possibility of a Bottled Wasp calendar, initially featuring prisoners’ artworks, to tie in with the diary if it proves a popular idea, with the first edition potentially printed next year to tie in with the 2014 Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary’s theme: ‘Anarchists and The Arts’ – a much neglected area of our history.

The Bottled Wasp Diary is a joint project between Brighton Anarchist Black Cross, Active Distribution and associated activists. If you are in contact with any prisoners who wish to donate artwork (graphical only please) or high resolution images of the same, then we would be pleased to hear from them. All donated artworks will be auctioned at some point to raise funds for prisoner support activities.


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