Solidarity with Alessio del Sordo: anarchist comrade and political prisoner (Italy)

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Alessio del Sordo, anarchist comrade, has always been a committed activist. In prison after the crackdown against NoTAV resistance of Jan26. The Italian political police, the DIGOS, has always been very aware, so it is of the few people still in jail even though the rest have been released. As so often we find a police set whose sole purpose is the domestication and control over the people in their desire to create slaves.

Faced with a new punishment moving to other prison we publish a letter of August 23 so you can see how far the power of a person to preserve his dignity. The puerile attempt by the state to break their will and eliminate its membership is having the opposite effect expected, creating solidarity circles beyond the struggle for liberation.
Alessio was finally moved to Asti.

Compagno Alession, non stai solo. Tuoi camarade ti aspettano colle braccia aperte, la causa trascende il fatto, e gli fatti le frontiere. Tra poco tra noi.
Giù le mura della prigione.
Forza Alessio!!!

Letter of August 23, 2012.
Hello to all:
I’m writing from Prato prison where I was transferred yesterday afternoon. A few days ago I reeked of transfer, so I was prepared for it. The previous days had been messing with a brigadier who had to leave the session after insults and blows. So I took it for granted the deportation and so I prepared.
They arrived at 05:30, I was awake and said I had no trouble making the trip. I wasted time going to the bathroom, drink a coffee (no revelry without coffee) and prepare my best to resist. At 06:30, one guard came to tell me it was time to go. I replied that I would not move. The guard was taken aback and I suggested him to ask for reinforcements. At that time, I alerted friends and fellow section saying that I was preparing to resist. I said to my new cellmate not to meddle in the middle.

About an hour later, eight came believing that the mole would impress me and that I would yield. Actually, I was prepared. Well slathered in sunflower oil, a paper with all directions and three stamps pasted on cock with tape. To give me a little edge, covered the floor of the entrance to the cell with oil. For the umpteenth refusal they came, and the momentum made two slipping on the oil, a brigadier crashed the stool and was stunned. Just going to tip another blow and jumped on me. A Melee started . But thanks to the oil and some moves I learned in the yard, I resisted. I was defeated, as planned, but when you can not win, you have to make the defeat worth of telling.
They carried me on wings for the entire section in shouting insults mixed with greetings and lucks. I know nothing of my stuff. In the registry office, I followed challenging the carrion, inviting them to enter in the isolation cell. The cowards did not enter.
I should have left at 07:00. I left Le Vallette around 10:00. From armored I glimpsed comrades that came to hand out leaflets at the release from prison. The trip was a sauna. The bastards of the escort goes to eat at autogrill and left me boiling for an hour.
When we walked in Prato, I saw a red painted a yellow vomit wall : “VIVA Bresci”.
And, dammit, fellows, viva Bresci.
I enter in my section at 19:00, after classics prosecutions for entering.
Section III, medium security cameras everywhere in the hallways.
We are in three-cells, two kids with me who have just arrived from isolation. I said “good afternoon, prisoners, can I?”, Response: “You’re right, we are imprisoned, not arrested. Sure you can. ” I received me by feeding me and getting ready the bed .
For chronicles expect this morning. I admit I was a little tired yesterday.
Now I know that in this prison are 700 rooms, three quarter in medium security and high security the rest. They tell me that Prato is a punishment center. Meanwhile, this morning, after spread the word that had reached a new pilgrim, others came to greet me. Most know “Olga” and maintained correspondence. Someone has taken a look at a pamphlet in which I was a letter of mine, so they greeted with pats on the shoulder.
Now I want to resist better, I familiarized a bit and see how things go.
After several months in Turin XII I can take stock and think that we can get much organising among prisoners. I can take advantage of months of experience and a greater determination.
I am serene, with high morals and I know that the only defense against power is the direct attack.
I know a lot of fellow believe my choice of not to take legal defense is an unwise choice, little cunning and undermines the unity of the NO TAV movement. Think what you want, buddy, I can only say that I will use intelligence, cunning at my disposal to join the men and women who fight this system, to throw punches increasingly accurate and make it clear that I will continue facing wherever and whatever.
And be given to any arrangement petty politicians.
That said, I’m fine but devoid of virtually everything.
I will write again soon.

Fire and revolt,

To write to Alessio, find his address here

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