Letters and considerations from Lone Wolf ALF Prisoner of War, Walter Bond… not 'Abdul Haqq' (USA)

Walter Bond, the animal liberation fighter who embraced Islam, has dropped the name ‘Abdul Haqq’, and he has written in one of his new letters: “Religion, all religion is a waste of my time! I’m through with it, I don’t believe it and the whole business of it makes me want to fucking puke!”. In this prison letter, and also this one, he publicly talks about rumours, misconceptions and changes of his opinions, and below you can find his reasons why he decided to drop the name ‘Adul Haqq’.

What’s In A Name?

I have decided to drop the name ‘Abdul Haqq’ for the following reasons:

First, religion is not the defining aspect of my struggle, Animal Liberation is. While my spirituality is an Important aspect of my personal life it has nothing to do with the fight for the total freedom of the oppressed. Religion has a terrible track record of persecution of just about every social group one could possibly imagine and I am not here to play apologist to tyranny, in the name of God, or politricks, or consumerism, or any of the other stupid ass reasons people find to justify their bloodlust! Furthermore, the more my own spirituality in mysticism has progressed the more I realize that the institution of religion is poison to my spiritual path. Sufis of the past often had to speak and write their esoteric wisdom in parables and riddles to avoid being murdered by the orthodox regimes of their times, I don’t. And I find the whole business of labeling, and packaging my beliefs and faith under the auspices of this or that religion to be narrowing in and of itself.

Second, I live in a prison unit where all I hear about 24 hours a day is religion and politics. I am simply burnt out! In my humble opinion one must have some sort of pathology to literally have no other thought in their head besides these two topics, 24 hours a day, for life! The men here are no better or worse than any other group of people I have been around. But don’t believe the hype, not everyone in the CMU is some stand up freedom fighter. We have our fair share of jail house rats and federal informants that are simply kept here for their own safety.

Third, A name is an identity, which I already have. I am Walter Bond, the ALF Lone Wolf. My orthodoxy in this world is called Vegan Straight Edge. I am a prisoner of war for Mother Earth and the Animal Nations. And I don’t judge others by their beliefs or disbeliefs. I hold abusers accountable for their actions.

And Lastly, ‘Abdul Haqq’ means ‘Slave To The Truth’…….. ‘Walter’ means ‘Powerful Warrior’………….. I like Walter better.

Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!


Walter Bond


Walter Bond

USP Marion CMU
PO Box 1000
Marion IL 62959

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