A communiqué from imprisoned anarchist Elisa, who is undertaking hunger strike in solidarity with Marco Camenisch (Italy)

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We receive and transmit a communiqué from Elisa, an anarchist comrade imprisoned since June 13 following operation ‘Ardire’.

To all those who don’t stop struggling

6 months after my arrest (‘Operation Ardire’… June 13 2012… Ordinance of the prosecution of Perugia) I announce that I am going to undertake a second round of hunger strike from 22nd December to 29th December. This is a protest for the release of our brother and comrade in the struggle Marco Camenisch. The protest is being carried out by a number of comrades taking turns (besides me and dear comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva I still don’t know which other comrades are taking part in the protest… here I won’t dwell on organizational difficulties or on the ‘bad tricks’ of censorship).
Is this symbolic hunger strike or is it undertaken to make a claim? I no longer know, I’m no longer interested!

Any struggle is carried out to make a claim when it doesn’t stop until the target is achieved. Any struggle is symbolic when one is aware one doesn’t have the power (individual as well as collective) to subvert the ruling System or attack small clogs of the latter.

In this case I’m struggling using my imprisoned body (besides my ideas it is the only instrument I have in this iron and concrete cage) because I want Marco to live as a free man, to take him away from the clutches of the Swiss prison system, to be back with us in the mountains, stones, valleys, woods and the wild womb of nature.

I have always believed that hunger strike is an effective method of struggle both inside and outside the prison. An act of rebellion made within these armoured walls is little effective if there is anybody outside ready to echo it and spread it according to his/her imagination and determination.

I have always believed that hunger strike is a powerful way of making pressure, and it is even more effective if it is co-ordinated between those who take part in it and those who support it inside and outside the prison.

Locked up without interruptions first in Italian prisons and then in the Swiss ones, Marco Camenish has always undertaken hunger strike as a way of struggle against the prison system and he has never lost his dignity and strength as revolutionary anarchist prisoner because of this. He has been on hunger strike against all forms of eco-devastation, be they nuclear power or the most recent ‘green sustainable energy’; against media lies of all times that want to enslave minds and bodies to the will of ubiquitous Dominion that is getting increasingly technological and bureaucratic; against the social, political, economic and military Systems whose main goal is to isolate/annihilate in jail those who choose to rebel.

Marco continues to carry out hunger strike as a form of struggle and resistance in solidarity with all those who, inside and outside the prison, are struggling with courage and determination against the prison system and its walls made of concrete, human flesh and torture; in solidarity with those who defend their land/territory/culture from the exterminating madness of multinational companies; in solidarity with those who strongly refuse and attack all forms of power (no matter if the latter is disguised as friend or as enemy) and the institutions that represent it with any means necessary; in solidarity with those who continue to be hit by repression and by more and more frequent anti-anarchist raids.

My hunger strike is in solidarity with Marco Camenisch, and I’m undertaking it with the determination and serenity of someone who wants to transmit the importance of eco-radical anarchist struggles, just as Marco has always done and continues to do with his numerous contributions.

I won’t be on hunger strike so that Marco can take advantage of so called ‘leaves’ or ‘benefits’, nor will I undertake it so that he can be ‘released on bail’.

I’m struggling for an imprisoned comrade’s unconditional freedom!

I take this opportunity to send my accomplice solidarity to all those who are struggling all over the world and a warm rebel hug to those who continue to show solidarity and closeness with me.

Free Marco Camenisch! Freedom for all!

Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C Rebibbia femminile
Via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Rome

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