Report from Solar power workshop, Beehive Collective art presentation and Testament of Test their Logik performance/Crimethinc collective (Philippines)

Jan.6,2014 Monday
EtnikoBandido Infoshop

The kick starter of the info-tour and performance of the Beehive collective and Test their Logik/Crimethinc collective was happen at EtnikoBandido Infoshop last January 6,2014.

Approximately, at 2pm we started the event by introducing solar power alternative energy initiated by Mobile Anarchist School. We had a basic and actual workshop/seminar on this kind of technology to almost 15 participants that we invited. The solar power workshop were intended for the four individuals who will be volunteering themselves for the new found Solar Guerilla Autonomous Responds Team so a clear information on this solar power equipment need to demonstrate and discuss. Because we see the importance of this solar power technology, we also open this to other interesting individual who wants to know and get a practical knowledge on how solar power works.

Outside of the infoshop we set-up an 110watts solar panel, 10amp solar controller, 500watts inverter and a deep cycle 3sm solar battery. At first, we gave an analysis about climate change and the power crisis issue and the possible alternative action after that we explained the different parts of the solar power set-up, technical aspects and the use of the said equipment. From time to time the participants were really asking a lot of question while we are discussing. We showed them how to connect all parts of the equipment one by one and we used the 50watts electric stand fan as an example to test and run it to show them that the electricity coming from the sun really works.

Other passers-by who noticed the solar power set-up stops and inquires about the equipment and the cost. After the workshop my partner already cooked a meal for all the people who participate on the seminar.

Around 5pm we already set-up the art presentation of the Beehive Collective, we didn’t expect that a two huge murals will display so we asked some permission on the neighbors if we can put the other art works in front of their house and the other one was in front of the infoshop. We started the presentation spontaneously on the streets. Sakura from Beehive collective explained every detail of the art design, according to her there is a two side of the art work, the outside part with a top to down view, is the old map of Meso-America. The outside part explains the mega-developments project, trade, conspiracy, capitalist domination, corporate and state destruction that affects the environment, land, livelihood, indigenous autonomy, human rights etc. On the four corner of the art work, a four major institution like WTO, WORLD BANK, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank who are responsible on making decision and financing the atrocity on humanities, ecology and life itself.

On the inside part of the art work, showcasing the different kinds of grassroots resistance from the indigenous communities, peasants and other people on the ground. There is more diverse approach against domination practices by people on the grassroots depending on their context of struggle.

The master piece art work that made for 9years with detailed meaning against capitalism really explain the two different kind of perspective and two different world views.

After the art presentation, Testament from Test Their Logik/Crimethinc performed furiously in front of the people from our neighbors, kids and old, drivers and by passer. Despite of continues flow of vehicle on the streets Testament still managed his energetic and informative rap songs from acapella and sometimes with a beat. Roughly six to seven songs, all of his songs were really focus and intentionally exposed the state and corporate plan holocaust to the every living entity. Other songs are about resistance and struggle.

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