28/12/12 – Update on the trial of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Greece)

Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs

As soon as the chairwoman completed the reading of the names of the accused (during which the members of the CCF, wanting to demean the procedure, refused to reply) the comrades of the Conspiracy interrupted the procedure, and one of the members made the following statement:

“All these days we listened to lawyers and prosecutors quoting legal arguments on the matter of the ‘political trial’. We listened to a language foreign to us, because we are not lawful, we are anarchist urban guerrillas. This is why we will speak in our own language. The CCF is an armed, insurrectionist, anarchist guerrilla group. Its action was, is and will be subversive. This is self-evident, and it can be seen even in the language used against us by the enemy. You established just for us special legislation, special procedures, special detainment conditions, special courts, like this one here. The indictment itself, which you wrote up, says that we threatened the political, social and economic structures of the state. But, in the decision that you will come to -or rather the decision your superiors gave you to transfer to us- you will say that the Conspiracy is not an anarchist guerrilla group.

This happens for two reasons. First of all because the regime follows the nazi principle according to which ‘the best way to strike your opponent is to deny them their political identity, demean them and demote them…’ The second reason is that with the recognition by the state that we, the members of the CCF, are anarchist urban guerrillas, simultaneously it will be recognized that we are hostages of war. Thus, the state would be obliged to admit the existence of the internal enemy, the existence of the anarchist insurrection, the existence of the anarchist urban guerrilla. This would mean that the state would admit that in the interior of democracy there is a civil war between the regime and the minority anarchist forces. But look how ‘beautifully’ authority replaces the words and disguises the meanings. Urban guerrilla is called ‘terrorism’, oppression is ‘protecting the citizen’ and laws are ‘freedom’.
But look: We did not come hear to claim a ‘right’ or win some sort of ‘political recognition’. The only ones who can judge are our comrades and ourselves. Also, we will not pretend to be ‘good kids’ and kneel towards authority to beg for ‘lenience’. Because however various self-appointed defenders of the ‘movement’ from time to time speak of the sensitivity of the anarchists, we want to say something. The real sensitivity towards the ugliness of this world is the sensitivity which made us fill our cartridges with bullets and plant the enemies territory with dozens of bombs. And to finish with these reformist excuses, real freedom is in the barrel of a gun, the wick of the dynamite, the clear words and tough decisions, and not in the half-talk about juridical leniency and the legitimate protests-funerals.

It was this sensitivity which made us take the political responsibility for the Conspiracy and deny your legal mitigation. We know we are choosing the hard and lonely road. Just as we know that in the victories of an anarchist group there are many ‘fathers’, but in the difficulty of oppression and the fear of prison the group remains orphan. We will never abandon the CCF. Because real sensitivity does not cry, it arms itself.

A few days ago, on 18/12/2012, was the hearing in Pireus courts for the release application of Savvas Xiros for the case of the 17November group. Savvas case is known, he was injured heavily when ten years ago a bomb he was carrying exploded. Ten years he is in special detainment condition, which are not enough to satisfy the vengeful rage of the authority. Savvas application was denied. The real reason of denying it is that Savvas never denounces the struggle.
At the same time the state, no matter how many kilometres in-between, remains just as vengeful. In Switzerland is held hostage our comrade and brother Marco Camenisch. Marco is an anarchist of praxis who has been accused of sabotage against industrial energy production units, participation in an escape in which a few prison guards were injured, and for an armed clash with soldiers at a Carabinieri road blockade in Italy. Marco spent ten years in militant clandestinity and, when arrested in 1991, he was imprisoned initially in Italy and then in 2002 was transferred to the Swiss prisons. Today, he has been in federal prisons for more than twenty years. All these years he didn’t recognize the authority of the juridical authorities, and on the contrary, remained a sworn enemy of the state. In retaliation, recently the state denied his release application, postponing the torture of his incarceration.

Of course, we do not expect even a millimetre of lenience from the enemy, neither do we plead for a ‘given’ freedom. Besides, freedom cannot be given, it is conquered. We say what we say in order to transfer a message to the comrades outside the prison walls. The freedom of Marco Camenisch will not happen with words or with prayers. Actions are needed. The state shows that it does not forget its enemies, the matter is if anarchists remember their comrades. Because there are many today who speak of anarchy, but very few live as anarchists…”

After that statement another comrade of the CCF read the following announcement by the Conspiracy:
“As of December 15th 2012 anarchist comrades of ours are carrying out a symbolic hunger strike in solidarity to Marco Camenisch. Initially anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva from the German prisons and then anarchist Elisa Di Bernando from the Italian prisons show with this action that anarchists of praxis do not forget… they prove that memory is not garbage. We, from Greece, stand next to them with all of our soul and as a small token of solidarity to our brother Marco, we interrupt this trial and are leaving. This is our way to participate in the international campaign of solidarity which began in Germany and continued in Italy. Because solidarity between anarchists is not just words”.

Then the comrades of the CCF together with anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos left the court room, handcuffed and accompanied by cops. The other “accused” remained in the room. In the end the judges had to adjourn, obviously annoyed by the attitude of the comrades of the CCF and Th.Mavropoulos, and appointed the new session for the 4th of January 2013.

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