Letter from Juan Aliste 5 years since the beginning of the hunt for him (Chile)

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

I remember the cold of that October morning. I have not forgotten the disinformation media’s mercenary barrage, legitimizing images behind a discourse. The message was clear and there was not a radio or TV that did not spread it; thus began the hunting and killing of several rebels–all of us libertarians and subversives with no turning back, and all happy owners of our lives.

This time it wasn’t about more prison and captivity, the unveiled and declared decision pointed again to our lives, to the breath of ideas, pointed to the crystalline view of action in which our lives have nothing to do with submission, domestication and control, repudiating the daily misery of this imposed society with the oxygen of permanent resistance.

Prison did not satiate the repressive and bestial thirst of the bourgeois administration, they demonstrated this in discourse and action. They had to take advantage of a favorable scenario: “The assault on a dispenser of misery–a bank–and the death of a guardian of the rich–a cop.” This allowed the exploiting class and their police guardians to make us pay for our form of life whose historical continuation situated us since the dictatorship as enemies of the Chilean capitalist State. All indications were of turning up in an alleyway, on a street, on a corner, in the south or in the north, killed by police bullets paid for by the rich, our bodies outstretched with a weapon close to the hand, shown on the morbidity of the screen, the sensationalism of the front page and in all the headlines arranged by Power. Them, their exploiting and dominant class, celebrating out in the open with their words armored with their absolute truth, unquestionable gods proclaiming: “Terrorists Guilty of Moyano’s Death Killed in Gunfight.”

All without investigation, without their claimed right of defense, all de facto, historically guilty. Who cares what happened? The TV says it, El Mercurio prints it, a president who learned nothing from his father’s death indicates it, a colonel reaffirms it, the actual business that runs and sells Chile supports it. Who is going to question if the “official truth” is already spoken, sentencing, promising, teaching a lesson in the public plaza on the altars of their social peace.

This time the hunter didn’t end up with our rebel blood; the weapon of solidarity thundered in the voice of those who know us, resounding with strength from the house of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and comrades. All through Villa Francia they listened worriedly; pain transformed into solid fortitude. That morning the defense of life and its ideas was set up on a banner that said “We want them alive and free,” sizing up the persecution and the hunt. The shout of solidarity planted itself with dignity and love, confronting the statist machinery of death. That libertarian oxygen came to each of us; we saw clearly that the proven formula and legitimation for annihilating rebel audacity was being repeated. Everything set up: a media cloak, a military prosecutor expert in death, torture-prison, police with carte blanche to kill in pursuit of their bosses’ institutional honor and social peace.

In that situation being brave was not enough; maintaining our lives, ideas and being was the matter of urgency when the persecution not only took the faces of Freddy, Marcelo and Juan but quite to the contrary brought the onslaught against everyone connected with us. Mothers, children, siblings, comrades, friends.

The official, written and disseminated truth said it all. Death, persecution, repression, harassment, prison.

In all those years, no concrete evidence existed linking us with the things that happened. With their war horse (bank robbery–murder of a cop), the only thing that was true was the political decision to annihilate (without trial, without prison, without concern for the costs), simply “someone must pay, and now!” Setting the example and efficacy of power, an unequivocal signal of terror for those who rebel against their established order.

None of this happened, their bullets stayed in the chamber and their discourse had to take a turn. Now we are alive and present in the unwanted condition that prison is, but in spite of that we are in a situation in which the network of power has had to reinvent and sharpen how they apply its State reason, its decision to annihilate, has put into motion all the influence of its dominant class.

Once armed, its judicial apparatus at the hands of the Military prosecution has passed through the entirety of its fictional accusation, under the swift subterfuge of a transitory Article 8.* Coincidence? The same one applied to the revolutionaries in the dictatorship is now signed by the business that runs Chile. With that, a despicable, authoritarian practice pounces, reeking of military and political Power, together and operating.

Now the aim of the judicial framework is to be able to put us in prison for life using all the means under “State reasoning” (their intentions do not surprise us, knowing that they had to change out their decision of immediate death for prison).

In this scenario, we have nothing to manifest about who we are. We have nothing to do with their judicial and civic codes of institutional order, of their civil peace of rich exploiters.

What does call us together is that, 5 years after the robbery and death of a cop, there is no real judicial evidence that situates us directly or indirectly in the events.

What do we do with the same strength and integrity with which our loved ones raised their voices for our lives that time? We defend ourselves! We reveal all their fiction, all their manipulation, persecution and the corruption of their actions.

The enemy never thought of leaving us alive, much less that we would appear from the other side of the mountains, this was made clear before the eyes of an expectant citizenry. That an operational Plan Condor majestically revived itself, ready for our kidnapping on the other side of the mountains.

The enemy never thought of a judicial scenario where our condition as hostages of the capitalist Chilean State would not diminish our decision-action of defending ourselves.

The accuser is clever-minded, the media of disinformation construct a true spectacle, the political pressure dictates the judgment, wanting this to be established as “judicial truth.”

We are part of what is happening in this confrontation with capitalism; we are part of the unstoppable who live, fight, love and dream.

An unconditional and complicit fraternal embrace to all who struggle.

To everyone: may every daybreak be a victory away from the Police State.

Open your eyes, it’s time to fight!
Only the struggle makes us free!
While there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste V.
Subversive Prisoner.
High Security Prison. Chile.

* Article 8: A useful instrument, a pillar of the constitution used by the dominant class in the safeguarding of its interests in different periods of history. [Aliste’s note]

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