Benjamin Kyle Raymond, autonomous nazi in Essex (UK)

We received this information about an autonomous nazi in UK- Keep hunting:

This is to inform you about an upcoming and very politically active young crypto-Nazi. His name is Benjamin Kyle Raymond but within his organization and when doing political activities he goes by the name Ben or Benjamin Noyles. He is originally from Bognor Regis but is at present living and studying at Essex University doing a BA in politics.

His FaceBook page http://en-gb.facebook.com/benjamin.raymond.5621

His organisation is called the Integralist Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is quite active you can find them here http://integralistparty.zzl.org/

Most of their online activities or ideas can be found here http://ironmarch.org/
which he is the co-founder and admin.

this video really says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmUNUarGQgE


This is a copy and paste taken from the forum written by mister noyles with regards to his version of Integralism in reality just National Socialism according to him:

Well I suppose I ought to give my take on this.

Integralism historically, was basically just fascism in absence of that word – In France, Portugal, South America, Eastern Europe where there was no ‘fascism’ or from before, and they were all used differently for different movements – so definitionally they were fascists.

Today I use it, because when people use ‘fascism’ they tend to mean just the specific/historical political system, when that doesn’t really comprehend the world view that created, and because it is a word that can be used in a more general sense. It is like how leftists call anything resembling cultural conservatism fascist – so what we stand for is for the ‘integrity’ of a group, if you can see it as purely Darwinian. you can call it whatever you want, but just as a word it makes it a lot clearer what you actually mean when you are trying to describe something; Fascism is a militant movement for social integralism, integralism is the unified world concept. Hitler preferred the term ‘National Socialism’.

besides whatever my group has put out there I am not aware of any other contemporary usage.

This is a second post he made in the same forum:
The group is made up of/aimed at young people, and our aspiration is getting them to take on certain basic responsibilities that they would have carried out without thinking 50 years ago, so you need to bare that in mind when you are organizing any political organisation, you have to work with whatever you have to build on that, which is just as well. So beginning with, i had decided in that with the conditions of a group like Iron March (all 15-26 year olds) you cannot aspire to be an electoral organisation, and I would not want that anyway. The ‘party’ is still necessary because all activities by young nationalists must be underpinned by a completely uncompromised ideology which will give meaning and motivation for people like us to organize (how this all came about is another story entirely, basically the awkward circumstances complicate things). So you have this cadre system, but what they are doing is not going out doing things for a political party but making themselves a force in the local community. I started outlining some of this in the activism section, though that is mainly a draft our people can look at its progress.
Activity for me personally has been difficult as I am in education nowhere near my home town – When I finish I would like to put what I preach into practice. There I suppose what I have friends who agree with me and are industrious/skilled people willing to help out with anything and there are active members in nearby towns who I have met with. What I am focusing on right now is selling a world concept through Journal called Attack, and the purpose of that is in the mission statement. I have stuck with it because people take seriously and I like helping develop a consistent message. I Try and involve everyone I know in that and as a group everyone is provided with all the projects and resources they need, a lot of research, time, and effort goes into that. …

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