Leftist projects 'Libcom' & 'Aufheben' collaborate with police consultants (UK)

The British civil anarchist group ‘Libcom’ and bourgeois communists ‘Aufheben’, are confirmed to fraternise/defend/collaborate with police consultants John Drury and Clifford Stott, academic parasites who work on improving police techniques and social control.

Read full text here:

1. Cop-out – The significance of Aufhebengate (2013)

2. Aufhebengate again: A response to responses (2013)

Little Black Cart are selling the book! – Cop-out: The signifigance of Aufhebengate.

Anvil: On Why Dr John Drury Is A Collaborationist Asshole: A Review of Cop-Out: The Significance of Aufhebengate

PDF: Aufhebengate Book via Takku (Finland)

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