Attack against gentrification by Toronto Solidarity Cell (Canada)

Toronto Solidarity Action

Overnight, another blow was struck against the ongoing social war against the poor in the city of Toronto. The presentation center of another new boutique loft development in the heart of downtown had it’s windows smashed and front, signage and designer display kitchen paintbombed as another small gesture of our rage. We again disappeared with no trace into the night, leaving only the falling shards and a few stunned onlookers in our wake. Hopefully these witnesses will leave with a sense that there is growing resistance to, and anger towards, the ongoing commodification of every available piece of land. Land, which, we believe, belongs to everyone, regardless of the societally imposed barriers of race, gender, ability, deemed economic worth, or any other construct used to divide and oppress within today’s patriarchal society.

This act was in solidarity with a homeless individual who froze to death on the streets of Toronto this week, who was also deemed too unimportant to be named by the media or police. This happened while life saving shelter, like this, stood empty, as a glimmer of a lifestyle and the individual, stylized and sanitized, living environment we are all meant to aspire to and work hard to earn our way towards. It also stands as a mocking kick in the face to every cold and shelterless individual walking past it this winter. This man was a silent victim of the war declared upon all of us, the war of capitalism, profit and greed.

This act was also in solidarity with our anarchist and antiauthoritarian comrades defending reclaimed spaces across the world, facing hostility, oppression and the loss of their freedom, whether by cage or bullet, by whichever tyrannical and fascist state is deemed in charge of that geographical territory.

For the reclamation of space everywhere and until all are free..

The Toronto Solidarity Cell

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