Statement by three of the anarchists arrested for the bank robbery in Kozani (Greece)

From Athens IMC via OccupiedLondon:

We steal a couple of words from the cells of the detention centre where we are held hostage, in order to state our aims and our intentions and to clear up the air regarding the recent events.

As Anarchists, we deem the choice of a bank robbery as a conscious act of resistance. Our act did not aim at the creation of personal wealth. The attack against the temples of capital is part of our revolutionary activity as a whole.

Regarding our torturing by the forces of repression, we do not want this to comprise a point for our victimisation. We expected nothing less from the enemies of freedom. Let’s not forget how many people have been crushed inside their police stations and their prisons. Let the marks of our torturing comprise yet another occasion for rage to turn into action.

Against the institutional representatives of justice, our position shall be irreconcilable and tenacious.



The Anarchists

Nikos Romanos

Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos

Giannis Michailidis

PS. A longer statement by all four of us will follow, regarding our case.

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