Fresh investigation warrant for subversive association – Anna Beniamino (Italy)

This morning I received the visit of four ugly faces of Genoa ROS [Special Operations Group] and Digos [the political police] and was delivered an investigation warrant for 270bis (participation in a subversive association aiming at committing acts of violence against people, such as Roberto Adinolfi, and institutions, and with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order) along with the charge of carrying firearms in a public space (an offence confirmed in January 2013).

Alfredo, Nicola and I are all in this investigation. At the same time firearms belonging to Nicola’s father were seized, and these weapons had been regularly registered and had been found in previous raids. The investigators’ acrobatics goes this way: during examination of evidence on two helmets seized at Nicola’s it was ascertained that they contained traces of gunpowder not compatible with the bullets used to wound Adinolfi. The traces found on the helmets would imply that they came from different weapons, i.e. those belonging to Nicola’s father, which will be now examined. In other words: as evidence did not prove anything, as I continue to write updates on the ongoing repressive operation and to give solidarity to the comrades in prison in Alessandria and elsewhere, as the proceeding for art. 280 against Alfredo and Nicola is coming to an end, and therefore they should grant me visits with Alfredo, here comes this new form of repression from the prosecution of Genoa. If their goal is to break solidarity between us we know they won’t succeed, either now or never. Solidarity with Alfredo, Nicola and all the comrades in prison, in Italy and everywhere…

For anarchy

Anna Beniamino

nidieunimaitres (at) gmail.com

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