Volos: Coordinated attack against three “Gold Market” shops and a fur shop (Greece)

On Monday 11/3, at 03:10 pm, a group of anarchists launched a coordinated attack against three “Gold Market” shops and a fur shop in Volos, Greece. The guerilla group “Anarchists for direct action” claimed responsibility for the attack by publishing a communiqué a few days after the assault. In their text, the comrades explain their views on the “Gold Market” phenomenon in Greece and on the fur industry as a part of the brutality of the capitalistic system.

Note: “Gold Market” shops are places where poor people exchange their possessions made of gold (i.e. jewelry) with money. Gold market shops spread like cancer in Greece after the economic crisis broke out and they are widely considered as a modern legitimate black-market taking advantage of people’s urgent need for cash.

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