Krasnodar: Police arrests two suspects accused of 25 years of ecotage and bombing of gas pipelines (Russia)

Russian police arrested two suspected eco-warriors in Krasnodar. They are accused of placing bombs on gas pipelines and torching of construction equipment. According to the police their activity record dates back to 1988 (!!!). It appears cops attempt to blame them in all ecotage actions that have happened in the region since late XX century.

Corporate media leaked that at least one of the pair considers himself radical ecologist and has served several sentences in the past for similar “crimes”.

It is a wonderful fact that only now, after the arrest, the media and police chose to admit that the ecotage actions like 3 separate bombings of pipelines under Sochi ever happened (one in 2007, 2 in 2012, nobody was hurt during the explosions). Or the fact that somebody has been successfully sabotaging heavy vehicles, equipment and oil rigs for about 25 years right under the nose of Olympics-2014 project. Unfortunately all these actions have never been covered in anarchist or ecologist press, so this case stands as a blazing example that acts do not speak louder than words by themselves. Russian government was very effective in muting this resistance from starters. With the help of “comrades” from the legal part of protest movement, of course.

Wanna-be “ecologist leader” from Krasnodar have already played Juda’s part by stating that the arrested ones do not belong to ecological movement, that direct actions are a crime in the eyes of legal ecologists, a practice abandoned long ago. A hearty FUCK YOU goes to eco-clown and eco-tourist Rudomaha. By the way, he likes to frequent anti-nuclear protests in Germany, just for you to know…

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