Letter by Anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito to the C.C.F. (Italy, Greece)

Dear comrades, your letter gave me strength and joy. I have many things to say but I will limit myself to a few of those. The role of the comrades held hostage cannot be but that of analysis, the supplying of the comrades outside the walls with further tools. Beyond the obvious of insurrection and non-subjugation inside the prisons, the struggle continues, and you gave us an example with your resistance. Communication cannot but be carried out through action and this is why we do not have to assign it in some way to the professionals of speech. It is vital, of course, that the news and ideas go around the world. It is necessary however that we avoid in any way the transformation into bureaucracy of a procedure that must remain free from the elite of those who specialize in information. The ability of planning must be the fruit of the action of comrades outside the wall and the analysis of the hostage comrades.
The public dialogue which will take place in Thessaloniki in the frames of counter-information is important, and I am sure that during your intervention you will mention my objection.

This, of course, does not abolish the fact that counter-information, the sites, the blogs, are important, simply all this is something else. We do not have to confuse the practice of counter-information with direct action. The word of consistency by the sisters and brothers in the war is the only one which really matters. The so-called “social anarchism” makes everything spin around the “organ of the assembly”, which has become the field of authority and breeding of young and old leaders, whose sole purpose is self-reference. Politician anarchists do anything they can in order to drown, at its birth, the new which gains ground.

The newness which gains ground is the making of an informal organization, an organization which some rebels insist on overloading with useless and abstract meanings, political considerations, continuous mediations in search of urban acceptance, which in reality deforms any revolutionary element.

When actions speak, the decisive influence applied by the “leaders of anarchy” through their talent in the assemblies will come crumble to pieces, and the group of relevance, the individuality of action, will regain strength. The “realists” of anarchy have nothing more to do but dispute the new, promoting even more the “social struggles”, searching for the “popular consent” which can be acquired only with steady rejection of everything anarchist and insurrectional.

Thanks to your letters, perceptions such as nihilism and anti-social anarchism, are spreading to every corner. We have a long way to go still and the direction we took is the right one. Your courage fills me with dare. Through the walls of this cell, Olga, my smile greets you. My flesh is your flesh, my blood is your blood.

Always for anarchy

Alfredo Cospito

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