An open letter of solidarity with all imprisoned freedom fighters and those under trial

An open letter of solidarity with all imprisoned freedom fighters and those under trial!

I’m long past disappointment with black flags, books on theory in red covers and ideal utopias that never age. I’ve been asking “what next?” for quite some time now.
Everybody gets older, quits, sells his ideals of youth for comfort within the system. Nobody is ready to sacrifice his feeble status for freedom and utopian dreams. I don’t believe in anything anymore.

Belief won’t get us closer to freedom. What inspires me are your letters, comrades. Letters from those who had been violently put to cages of stone. You await letters from “outside” just as we wait for another letter from the “inside”. You are so many. Your dignified and uncompromised stance warms our hearts. That is why I dedicate these lines to you.
You are the ones who challenged our enemy. You are the ones who feel the breath of our enemy with the back of your heads everyday. You are the ones who will they want to break. But your strength and bravery encourage me, help me to banish my fear of tortures we are subjected to now or will be in the future. In places without visible borders there exists a multitude of psychological methods of subjugation. In our world of defeatism and co-option, where comrades choose life of oblivion and consumerism, nothing is more inspiring than your letters and actions.
It is not ideas that empower people. It is those who have already taken up arms who inspire others. By isolating you they made us closer. You have become even more important for our struggle “outside”.

Those who are afraid of our struggle for liberation, would like to portray you as heroes. But you are not heroes – you are people just like us, those, who happened to stay “outside” prison walls. If one understands the fact that you are ordinary people, she would be forced to ask herself: “Why am I afraid of fighting for freedom like they did?” “Why am I not as faithful in my own struggle as they are?” “Why am I so afraid of a night of tortures whereas they are subjected to tortures on a daily basis for many years?” You are not our heroes. You are the breath of our struggle, empowering and refreshing.
It is very possible we won’t ever meet or have a chance to chat.
But our breath and heartbeat become one every time we remember each other.
Your dignity, moral sense of right and wrong, willpower help us a lot in our daily struggle in this fake “outside”. Every time I read your letters or communiques I become stronger myself.
You were not separated from our common fight for freedom, you are still part of it.

You are always on my mind!

Solidarity with all prisoners of war, everyone charged with freedom fight or convicted for freedom fight!

And with everybody who is evading arrest!


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