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24th April 2013 – As preliminary investigations (415bis) came to an end on March 11 2013, Nicola and Alfredo will go on trial for 280bis (attack with purposes of terrorism), a proceeding also linked to the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare manager Adinolfi, whose case (270bis) remains open for the two comrades plus another one.

No date has been fixed for the preliminary hearing for 280bis, as the prosecution has not yet submitted the transcripts of the missing environment bugging. After two delays requested by the court, these transcripts should be ready by June 5 (it seems that the experts can’t understand or transcribe Neapolitan dialect, which had sounded so clear to the judges from Genoa when it was used to corroborate the charges, according to the arrogant methods always employed to interpret environment bugging.)

As concerns the results of the examinations carried out by the RIS [a special technical investigations unit of the state] to compare the traces of gunpowder found on the helmets seized in Nicola’s house and the weapons lawfully owned by his father found in the same house, they should be available in May.

As pointed out in previous updates, after a failed attempt at linking the traces of gunpowder to the bullets used in the wounding of Adinolfi, the prosecutors of Genoa tried it again, this time for the sake of 270bis, and clumsily envisaged an imaginary ‘shooting training’ undergone by the investigated comrades, of course without specifying where and when it took place (not to mention the fact that the helmets were seized during raids without the cops adopting any ‘scientific’ criteria, as they touched the ‘evidence’ with their dirty hands, carried it in their cars and to places where the defenders of disorder normally play with gunpowder.)

A new investigation of the ROS was also put on record. This concerns farther examinations on the printers seized during the raids in the investigated comrades’ houses, with the aim of comparing them with the leaflets of the claim of the attack on Adinolfi: this time the experts are compelled to admit that the leaflets are not compatible with either the ink or printing defaults of the printers, thus contradicting an earlier forensic examination which referred to a generic printing default very common to a great numbers of printer brands available on the market.

Comparative examination between DNA traces found on the handles of the scooters allegedly used during the attack and the DNA of 5 people investigated and searched in September, was also put on record by the RIS of Parma. As this comparison produced negative result, there came the nth attempt at investigating Alfredo for a double explosive attack on… the RIS of Parma that took place back in 2005 and was claimed by FAI/Cooperativa artigiana fuoco e affini. It must be said that the mixed traces of DNA found on the wrapping of the device outside the headquarters of the ‘scientists’ in 2005 were not reliable as evidence, as the cops themselves admitted adding that they had also touched the wrapping before carrying out examination. Nonetheless public prosecutor Federico Manotti has ordered Alfredo be questioned on the matter on May 7 in the prison of Ferrara… perhaps the prosecutor wants to ask him for suggestions on how to accuse him and for what charges.

In this case too the judge from Genoa is wielding article 280bis, even if it is clear that this investigation attempt is the result of random fishing out from a 270bis file concerning a number of investigated people (25 to 30, according to press releases), which refers to many attacks claimed by various groups of the Informal Anarchist Federation from 2003 onwards between Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. The media also said that the prosecution of Genoa ‘snatched’ the investigation on the attacks on the RIS and Cofferati from their colleagues from Bologna.

Beyond career rivalries and jealousies between prosecutors and beyond the historical conflict between ROS and DIGOS, the absolute incongruity and contradictions displayed in the use of forensic examinations is remarkable. This kind of examinations are totally unreliable, to say the least; they are good to create media/accusatory suggestions rather than prove something, as the script of the judges and cops’ s dirty job always reads.

Nothing new under the sun: these are the usual wretched cogs of a world that must be destroyed.

Solidarity with the comrades locked up in the dungeons of the state in Italy and everywhere.

To write to the comrades

Alfredo Cospito
Nicola Gai
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Solidarity bank account
Account name : Paolo Perona
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Briefing on control systems

From a first reading of the court papers more detailed technical points emerge besides the traditional control methods such as shadowing, visual control, video monitoring of cameras placed outside houses and workplaces, use of bugs and satellite signals in cars, phone tapping, internet monitoring, etc. The new points are three, as already said a few months ago: the request for authorization of installing cameras inside houses (authorization that the investigating judge refused to grant, allowing only audio monitoring), the use of laptop cameras as bugs which can be activated by a special software (in which case the sneaks’ eavesdropping is not live as happens with traditional microphones) and the use of battery powered environment bugs with built-in recorder to be placed in houses and neighbourhoods.

It is useful to bear in mind that old and new control technologies don’t need sophisticated methods or expensive equipment to be discovered. Quite often the technicians who install them leave traces of their dirty visits, for example broken locks, displaced furniture and objects, oddities in the internet connection, background noises in the telephone, shadowy individuals outside the house, strange customers at the workplace, diligent escorts accompanying your trips out, etc. It is up to our intelligence and love for life to find the way of mocking them and prevent them from making our lives heavier.

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