Letter from Stefano Gabriele Fosco to Liberacion Total, Material Anarquista, Publicaciòn Refractario & Viva la Anarquia concerning an anti-judicial non-controversy (Italy)

I receive from Stefano the following letter. As I publish it, I want to reconfirm that critiques are always welcome and the ‘assholes’ will suffer the consequences they deserve [This is the premise of RadioAzione]:

To the dear comrades of Liberacion Total, Material Anarquista, Publicaciòn Refractario and Viva la Anarquia.

I give you all my anarchist and brotherly solidarity following the attack you got from a pseudo-nihilist asshole. There’s no censorship when one decides not to publish a text that attacks a prisoner while the investigation on him is still ongoing.

It must be known that in Italy there is no anti-judicial controversy. There are only assholes playing the same game as repression.

On April 17 2013 two secret agents came to the prison of Ferrara.
They didn’t say their name, they only wanted to have a chat with me on ‘the anti-judicial controversy’. They were surprised at the fact that I didn’t take part to this controversy. I told the cops that I was anarchist and wouldn’t
talk with them or the judges for any reason.

My anarchism is indestructible and it doesn’t allow some provocateurs to blacken me. The attacks on me and on the comrades who show solidarity with me continue because I’m in a prison inside a prison.

I’m sorry I have to waste time and energy on this infamous provocation. I’d like to carry on with what I’ve always done and you are brilliantly doing with your blogs.

Brothers and sisters, a big rebellious hug from the high security unit of the prison of Ferrara.

Stefano Gabriele Fosco

Individualist anarchist prisoner

(Prison of Ferrara, April 19 2013)

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