RadioAzone: Wires of the telephone line and ADSL found cut (Italy)

From RadioAzione:

As I was updating the blog of RadioAzione yesterday afternoon, I found that the internet connection was no longer there. Similarly the telephone line was not working. Nothing strange, apparently, as technology is subjected to this kind of faults (besides many others, or rather it is technology itself the main fault). I promptly called the responsible for the ADSL and telephone contract and they said that everything was all right to them. After repeating that it was not all right, they sent an engineer this morning. He checked the cabin in the street (which contains the telephone connections of all the inhabitants of the area) and found it out that a wire had been cut… not disconnected but cut…

The door of the cabin had not been forced…

Among hundreds of users, why did they cut the wire of my connection? If someone had meant to damage the cabin they wouldn’t have cut just one wire but all of them or most of them; and they would have forced the door of the cabin instead of opening it with a key.

I don’t think it was an accident or something that happened by chance, considering the air you breathe in the city in this period. Meantime we have found back the ‘Arianne’s thread’, and the written and live radio counter-information is continuing. We hope we’ll be able to celebrate as we did in the last year thanks to Pier Luigi Vigna (former anti-mafia prosecutor ) and Antonio Manganelli* (national chief police, former chief police of Naples, or rather former chief of those who quite likely cut the wire of RadioAzione)… reconfirming that it will be our laughter that will bury you!


⃰ Vigna died last year and Manganelli this year… causes for celebration (TN)

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