Sabadell: 5 people arrested for "glorification of terrorism" and belonging to the group 'Anarchist Black Flag' (Catalunya)

May 15: Under the orders of the National Court judge Santiago Pedraz, the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan police] have searched the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell and, according to news reports citing police sources, have arrested five people, who are accused of “praising terrorism”.

On orders of the Spanish Court, the Catalan police have searched in the morning the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell (Barcelona), which serves as headquarters of the CNT and a place of meeting of Local 15-M.

The operation is led by Judge Santiago Pedraz, which has decreed the summary secret, so many facts of the operation remain unknown. Several media have claimed a total of five detainees, but this has not yet been confirmed. According to police sources quoted by various means, they are accused of “glorification of terrorism” and belonging to the group ‘Anarchist Black Flag’.

Several mainstream media reports state that there is a minimum of four searched premises, but at first in the afternoon there was only confirmed the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell.

Moncada Eviction
In the same morning the Mossos d’Esquadra were not finished in Sabadell, because not far from there, in Moncada, six Catalan police vans work from early morning to evict the occupied farmhouse Can Piella, where since 2009 the people conduct farming and community work. The activists have prepared a thorough resistance with a series of obstacles to the Mossos, so that the eviction has not yet come to an end at the time of writing. So far there have been five arrests.

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