Solidarity is needed – please help to get Alexey Sutuga out from prison on bail! (Russia)

Member of Autonomous Action, anarchist Alexey Sutuga has been remanded for more than a year. Police has intentionally delayed the investigation, they were only working on the case for the first 2-3 months of the arrest, and since then investigation has stalled. Formally Alexey is accused according to statute “hooliganism” of Russian criminal codex, for having taken part to a fight during an anti-fascist concert.
But officers of “E-center” (Center of Counteraction against Extremism) are open with the fact, that their goal is to imprison Alexey as an active participator of anti-fascist movement. Alexey has spent more than a year in jail without any kind of process.

As for the good news, both Sutuga and Alexey Olesinov were cleared from the most serious charge (“Serious bodily harm caused intentionally by group of people”, statute 111 of the Russian criminal codex”), but 3 less serious charges remain.

In the beginning of the July there is a new court on arrest of Sutuga.
His parents want to appeal for him to be released on bail. But in Russian system, bail must be raised in prior, so we attempt to raise a million ruble (25 000 euros), or at least half million (12500 euros) in order to have chances to have Alexey admitted out on bail.

You may use accounts and paypal of ABC-Moscow for transferring money for the bail, check http://wiki.avtonom.org/en/index.php/Donate for details.
But please also write to abc-msk <> riseup <> net and sutu6000 <> gmail <> ru on how to return bail money after bail money have been returned!

ABC Moscow list of prisoners in former Soviet Union

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