About the new anarchist translation/publishing project Erebus

The new anarchist translation/publishing project Erebus, is an initiative of individuals from the wider tension of New Anarchy, created for the dissemination of speech, theory and practice of radical anarchist tendencies and perceptions.
A translation project, because the translation of material from comrades from abroad, breaks through the national borders and consolidates the international dimension of the anarchist war. It creates communication channels between comrades from all around the world, thus creating an informal network of information and coordination. The different languages ​​spoken by anarchist militants, should stop being an obstacle to the internationalisation of anarchist practice. This problem has to be addressed by the translation groups.

A publishing project, because any kind of action is preceded by theory, analysis and design. Because for us, the anarchists are not just soldiers who carry out orders, but conscious and thinking fighters. So before we arm our hands, let us arm our thinking.

Erebus, because we are sick of the false shining and light of this world, which stinks exploitation, obedience and resignation. Until the thick darkness of Black Anarchy swallows State, Capital, Civilisation and Society.

The comrades of the project

Communication: erevos (at) espiv.net
The project’s website: erevos.squat.gr

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