Berlin-Kreuzberg: Soli-demo for the revolt in Turkey (Germany)

Berlin-Kreuzberg salutes the people revolting in Turkey

Everyday since the beginning of the revolt about two weeks ago, people went on the streets in Berlin to show their solidarity with the ongoing fights in Turkey. Another short and wild demonstration took place in the center of Kreuzberg yesterday evening, the 7th of June, where around 50 people marched towards Kottbusser Tor, shouting slogans and lighting fireworks.

Material from a construction site got pulled on the street, so after a short while the traffic was blocked in every direction. The cops, that were making a drugraid at this moment, got attacked with stones, paintbombs and fire. After that the mob dispersed.

Shortly before the demonstrators reached Kottbusser Tor, leaflets were spread in the close area. The text was written in turkish and german and circulated some days before fridays action. Banners were hung up as well saying „Berlin salutes Istanbul-for social revolt worldwide“ and „Özgürlük için omuz omuza!“ („Side by side towards freedom“). As was written in the newspapers two people got arrested by the cops and released the next day.

We send our solidarity to them as well, since they are facing the repression of the police and the state justice system.

We will be back again, where, when and how we want. Take part in the demonstrations, prepare actions and show the rebels that we are fighting on their side, just in a different city.

Our thoughts are with the families, friends and comrades of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Abdullah Cömert and Ethem Sarısülük, that got killed during the revolt.

Freedom for the prisoners!

Side by side towards freedom!

The leaflet that was handed out:

Solidarity with the revolting people

People flock the streets, barricades are set up, cars are burning and everything thats not fixed gets thrown at the police. The sky is clouded by teargas and a scream for freedom makes its way through the dust.
The planned destruction of one of the last green spots in Istanbul, to have a shopping mall instead, was the spark that brought thousand of people on the streets for resistance. Until now the revolt spread like a wildfire all over the country.

No matter how different the motivations and reasons of everyone involved may be, they open new spaces of self-organization, solidarity and controversy by bursting the existent.
All these things that are rarely happening in this world as we know it. Between school, work, paying your rent, feeding your family and so on, it looks like there is no time to dispute with the destruction of our environment.
We like the fact, that there are people that still doing exactly that. As we can see, the small fights in your daily life can be the trigger of a general uprising.
We are recognizing the smoke signals of the cities and we see these fights matching up with our own ones- against displacement, degradation and police violence.
That’s why we call out for solidarity with the people of the uprising. Let them see the signals on Bosporus as well, so that they are not all one.

Side by side towards freedom! (A)

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