Barcelona: Tonight, 21 June – 19:30h, Font de Canaletes – Demo for the Barcelona 5 (Catalunya)

From tarcoteca, also see contrainfo:

June 21: All to the street for freedom to the Barcelona 5. On May 15 five anarchists were arrested in their homes in the province of Barcelona. Their crime? Having participated in demonstrations involving altercations and spreading their ideology through Facebook groups. Therefore, they are accused of belonging to a terrorist group, praising terrorism, and recruitment and indoctrination. As proof of their guilt in these crimes, police seized material found in their homes: anarchist flags, libertarian philosophy books, black clothes and rockets and firecrackers, so that we all keep to San Juan [popular party].

Despite the nonsense involved in these allegations and lack of “evidence” to cling to, their ideology against the regime was established enough for the judge Mr Pedraz to condemn them, so they are currently in the prison of Soto del Real, Navalcarnero, Aranjuez, Alcalá-Meco, in Madrid under the FIES 3 regime [penitentiary isolation classification system for prisoners, graded from 0 to 5]. Their case can not be understood in isolation, but as another piece in the Spanish state repression strategy that is making strides toward authoritarianism, which it is a heir to. The arrest of these five anarchists is a precedent that will be used to justify further indiscriminate persecution, something no individual of this territory should allow. In this context we call for the solidarity of all those who appreciate the injustice that these five companions have suffered.

June 21 meet in the streets of our cities with banners and candles, to feel our warmth even when isolated in their cells. We ask to spread this text and the situation in which the 5 of Barcelona find by all means, everyone will know about the political persecution that is taking place in this country. FREEDOM IS THE CHASING CRIME!!! ENOUGH OF REPRESSION!!! FREEDOM FOR THE BARCELONA FIVE!!!! Friday 21 June, 19:30h, Font de Canaletes, Barcelona

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