Solidarity actions in Athens for the June 11 day for long-term anarchist prisoners (Greece)

June 11th has been defined as a day of international solidarity with comrades Eric McDavid and Marie Mason and with all political prisoners who are incarcerated all over the world. Imprisoned comrades experience this situation not only due to their direct action and the transubstantiation of their words into action, but also because of their choice to be anarchists.

In the struggle for degradation and destruction of state/authoritarian complex, anarchists comrades and activists-abroad and in Greece, too-consider as an integral part of animal and earth liberation human liberation, too.

In U.S.A., the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front have been proclaimed by FBI as the No. 1 enemy of domestic terrorism. Eric McDavid and Marie Mason were arrested in January 2006 and September 2008 respectively,
without proof but with plenty of accusations. The State’s choice of their imprisonment was far more than random.

Marie was arrested in May 2008 by the federal authorities for charges related to two acts of property damage which were claimed by ELF in 1999 and 2000: damage of an office connected to a GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) research and destroying a piece of logging equipment. She faced a life imprisonment before accepting a plea bargain, in September 2008. She was sentenced on February 5, 2009 to almost 22 years – the longest sentence of any “Green Scare” prisoner. (“Green Scare” is the name given to the arrests of animal rights and environmental activists accused of economic sabotage.
Federal authorities have requested insane penalties -often life imprisonment- and have named the activists as “terrorists”, despite the fact that no one has ever been killed or injured in any of these actions). The penalty imposed to Marie was even larger than the one that was suggested by the prosecutor who indicted her. The appeal for reduction of her sentence was rejected in 2010.

In the case of Eric McDavid, the state charged him with “thought crime”, i.e that he was thinking of doing some aggressive actions, without them having been carried out, or any other evidence against him. Currently, he is serving
a 20-year-sentence in federal prison since January 2006 when he was arrested as a part of the ongoing campaign “Green Scare” of the U.S. government. Eric was trapped by an undercover informant who spied every move of his. He was
targeted by the state for his political beliefs and his case is indicative of the dimension that can be taken by the repression against anyone who dares to resist.

The repression against anarchists is something that also escalates in Greece.
The state clearly shows its position against any hostile moves towards authoritarian structures: arrests, DNA and fingerprint identifications, publishing photos and personal data, targeting friendly and personal relationships, beatings, preventive detentions. All these means are used aiming to set an example to the outside people (i.e: the non imprisoned ones) and to exhaust the inside people (the imprisoned ones).

As far as our actions are concerned, we hang two banners and spread several flyers in the streets of Athens to show our solidarity towards our comrades. Solidarity is our connection with the imprisoned comrades and it is expressed
in many different forms: from solidarity texts, demonstrations, events, to arsons, robberies for the financial support of comrades, explosive attacks and sabotage.

No prisoner in the hands of state!

Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action (Greece)

http://antispe.squat.gr/ [1]

[1] http://antispe.squat.gr/

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