Another sad story – G4S and Jimmy Mubenga (UK)

Another sad story, one that passes from time to time on the liberal media; a migrant is killed during deportation. Did this one starve themselves, sew their lips together, swallow razor blades in some private detention centre hell? No, Jimmy Mubenga was killed by three G4S security guards on a plane full of people during an episode of ‘legal restraint techniques’ that they inflicted upon him until he died. The Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to prosecute the murder.

“Please, please, they are killing me.” cried Mubenga repeatedly to the passengers on the plane. Jimmy had a wife and a family that the UK Border Agency had snatched him from earlier. They would never see him again. And on the plane, the people saw him murdered by those “just doing their job”, and didn’t do anything about it. Now it’s more grief, as if death weren’t enough: the “inquest” of “British justice” rubber-stamps the approved killing and serves more white justice to black faces.

Consider this, in 2011 and counting, thousands of the excluded were sent to prison for participating in, or simply vocalising their support for, the August Riots. We all know the stories of about this or that rioter sentenced to prison for a trivial matter during the uprising. But for the very public murder of Jimmy Mubenga, the CPS ruled that the G4S employees would not be prosecuted and nor did the company find itself held responsible for corporate manslaughter. In fact, they were subsequently (or consequently) awarded more contracts for the immigrant detention services. Does this come as a surprise to anybody still?

Has the front-line ever been so clearly drawn? The cops, the bankers, the politicians, the corporations, the rich, are never “brought to account” for their crimes: crimes of financial manipulation, tax evasion, bribery, corruption, and barefaced murder. Indeed, they not only escape the most rudimentary justice, but they are rewarded by multi-million pound contracts, bonuses and goodwill severance pay. At the time, during a fiasco of Olympic proportions, it would have been improper for the system to find G4S anything but innocent in a corporate murder trial of a black man. It would have been a PR disaster and that’s what really matters after all. Innocent is not a verdict that is prudent to broadcast in a time of enforced austerity and the policing-spectacle of the games, it might create an atmosphere where people see again the systemic brutality and corruption of a system in which the rich and included get away with everything, and the poor and excluded get away with nothing. So they just buried it. Now that the Olympics is over, the family have finally succeeded in bringing it to court – currently as a civil proceeding not a criminal one and the jury have agreed that the guards did use ‘unreasonable’ force.

What is it called that those who were on the streets in August got multiple year sentences, even for minor offences, and G4S guards kill a man on a crowded plane and get away with it?

‘Justice’ is what it is called. This is how it always has been and how it will always be.

What is the response called? For all the other killings and savageries: deaths and beatings in police custody, detention centres, young offenders institutes, hospitals and ‘care homes’, death on the streets by units of uniformed armed thugs, quiet deaths in unknown places where people couldn’t take the degradation and the despair any more. The response is what it has always been – Struggle.

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