Thessaloniki: Information from Steki Nadir about the repression (Greece)

Two comrades are arrested and accused of sending the letter bomb to the former boss of the anti-terrorist unit. They are accused of all the actions that have taken place as the ‘Phoenix Project’.

Translated by Actforfreedomnow!boubourAs

Last night, Thursday July 11th, two anarchists are arrested after a large cop operation. As well the cops raid and search anarchist Steki Nadir and the Thessaloniki campus. At the same time there is an orchestrated media operation with the same journalists colleagues of the cops. In “Vima” newspaper, specific spaces and a specific comrade is portrayed.

Friday afternoon, cops make a pitiful announcement.
Heavy charges are attributed with no connection with the confiscated “evidence”. There is a charge for “possession of explosives” with no explosives found. As well, in a stupidity delirium, cops include in their announcement an action in a hotel in Jakarta Indonesia. Obviously, they are testing our limits, the limits of whole social layers, pulling on the rope until they meet resistance.

The scene is repeated: cops arrest comrades, known or not, load them with heavy charges for terrorism and -as an idiom- anarchy, charges which are not accompanied by evidence or findings, then follows the exposure of these people, their friends, relatives, and finally these people will be called after years in prison, to prove in court that they are not elephants, that they did not do what they are charged for.

Unfortunately, totalitarianism which evolves in every field, irrationality, and arbitrariness tend to become the rule. And the rule can be followed by habit, apathy, indifference.

Those arrested in Thessaloniki have been transferred to Athens in GADA (Athens police HQ) since their charges also include participation in a terrorist organization and so to specifically try to connect them with the CCF, which means soon they will get a visit by some interrogator handling the case.

Just after the incidents in Skouries, arrests, beatings, imprisonments and clashes, clashes of teachers at the education ministry, attack of the macho bully delta cops on the intervention for K.Sakkas, and the collaborated attack of cops and neonazis on the social space “Synergio” in Ilioupoli, the state screams “I am and will be here”.

The minister of cops and oppression, Dendias, just after the cops announcement about the arrests in Thessaloniki reminds that the diptych is: oppression and “national unity”.

No one hostage in the hands of the state.
Solidarity to all those who revolt.
Hold strong we are with you.

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