London: English Defence League in Tower Hamlets – Sat 7 Sept 2013 (UK)

One month to go and it is time to get mobilising for the biggest turnout possible against the EDL in Tower Hamlets.

The racists are mobilising nationally to descend on London’s East End but they won’t get to intimidate people and parade their hatred through the streets unopposed.

So what are you going to do? On the day we’ll do everything we can to disrupt their plans. As ever, numbers on the street are critical and the most important thing is to show up and bring as many friends, neighbours and colleagues with you. If you can sort transport from elsewhere in the country all the better.

And if you can get involved before the day email ldnantifascists@riseup.net to say what you can do. Want to help with legal defence? Or join the working groups on publicity, mobilisation or networking? Have a particular skill or job you can take on? E.g. translating flyers, free printing, a mate who works at the EDL’s favourite coach company? Want to be sent stickers or flyers or electronic copies for you to distribute in your area? Be as specific as possible when you email. Updates and downloadable resources will be posted on this site so check in again before the 7th. See you on the streets.

Anti-Fascist Network


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