Mexico City: 4 anarchists arrested at Embassy demonstration for Hans Niemeyer (Mexico, Chile)

Yesterday, Tuesday August 20th, there was a demonstration in solidarity with our comrade Hans Niemeyer, at the Chilean Embassy. After the protest, as our comrades were getting ready to leave, they were followed and arrested by the police; Jaime Alberto Aguilar Marroquin (member of the Anarchist Black Cross DF), Guarneros Tonatiuh Garcia, Jair Juarez Victorino and Mario Alberto Lopez Gutierrez.

Our comrades were taken to the Public Prosecutor, charged with: undermining the authority and damages against private property. As far as we know up to this point the City Government, headed by Miguel Angel Mancera, has instructed the Attorney General to keep them as prisoners.

This is a clear example of the policy of persecution and harassment against the anarchist movement that has been carried out by the Mexico City’s Governor Marcelo Ebrard, and continued now by Mancera. We hold the City Government as well as the Judicial Power as the ones responsible for this repression.

We are calling to all of our comrades around the world to demand their freedom to these officials:

Jefe de Gobierno del Df
Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa
53 45 80 62
53 45 80 42
@Mancera Miguel MX

Procurador General Justicia del DF
Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza
53 45 55 57

Because solidarity between anarchists is not only written words.
Down with the prison walls!

DF Anarchist Black Cross

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