CSC Operational Manager Claire Hodson and her role in the death of Zaheed Mubarek (UK)

The woman who has been in charge of the torture units within English prisons for the last few years is CSC Operational Manager Claire Hodson.

Claire did not start her career within prison management, but at the bottom as a prison officer working at Feltham young offenders prison. It was whilst working with these young, vulnerable children that she first began her experiments in psychological warfare with the aim of inducing prisoner on prisoner violence.

She did not always have the name Hodson, but was known by the young prisoners at Feltham as Officer Bigger. It may be due to this change in name that the public have missed her rise through the prison service as it is unlikely she would have been forgotten otherwise.

Whilst at Feltham, Claire was the personal officer of infamous prisoner Robbie Stewart. Several times Stewart approached Claire to request a cell move only to be laughed at and encouraged to do his worst. It seems Claire did not care about the consequences of keeping Zaheed Mubarek* locked in a cell alone with Stewart who had openly expressed his views to her about wanting to harm him.

As is well known, Zaheed Mubarek was murdered by Robbie Stewart at Feltham. During the inquest that followed, Claire refused to attend, not interested in anything which could help the victims family or improve prison conditions. She then took her knowledge of the devastation which she could cause, and climbed her way up through the ranks of the prison service through sexual favours and corruption.

How can it be possible that the woman responsible for not removing an identified victim from impending danger be allowed to manage the most extreme prison conditions in the country? Being able to destroy human beings has been the sole purpose of this sadistic woman since she first joined the prison service, and she has been sat in the prime position to indulge her sick fantasies for years. Having pleasured all the men who out rank her for such a long time, it appears they have repaid the favour by giving her the role she can exact the most twisted happiness from.

With all the horror stories about the Close Supervision Centre’s, is it any wonder they occur when suffering of helpless human beings is the greatest desire of the chief instigator, Claire Hodson.


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