Communiqué on the arrest of comrades Adriano and Gianluca (Italy)

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In the afternoon of Wednesday 18th September the Carabinieri [paramilitary police] of the special squad ROS [Special Operations Unit] raided the houses of four comrades in the Castelli Romani area. Searches were carried out and personal belongings seized. Two comrades were arrested and accused of belonging to an association with purposes of terrorism: they are Adriano and Gianluca, currently in solitary confinement in a prison in Rome and accused of carrying out a number of actions claimed by different names. The article used this time is 270bis of the penal code, which states: ‘association with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order’.

The repressive machine has been set in motion a month before a series of mobilizations to be held in Rome, thus unleashing the usual media frenzy of disinformation and prearranged scaremongering. Like thousand inhabitants of the Castelli Romani the two young men took to the streets to struggle against the exploitation of the territory. They will have to wait another few days before they are granted visits from their families.

Waiting for further information we invite you all to show solidarity with the arrested comrades. Let’s not leave them alone.

Terrorists are those who undertake big and small profitable enterprises that endanger the health of thousands of people; terrorists are those who exploit thousands of workers while very few of them can make ends meet; terrorists are those who colonize and devastate our territories in the name of profit.

Our weapon is solidarity
Freedom for all


Comrades and friends of the Castelli Romani

Gianluca Iacovacci
Adriano Antonacci

C.C. Via della Lungara 29
00165 Rome

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