Comrade Andre Dahl Jensen of A-Revolt held in psychiatric ward against his will (Norway)

Hello comrades. Please find time to check the case of Andre Dahl Jensen, who organize the page A-REVOLT. He has been held in a psychiatric ward without his consent, where he forced into taking drugs and had NO SUPPORT. Herein is attached a copy of his letter written on fb asking for assistance, as well as the link to his FB account..


Greetings my name is Andre Dahl Jensen I was in contact with mindfreedom in 2012, i was temporarily released under forced psychiatry in February 2013, after detention for 5 months. However last month (16th august ) I was committed to forced hospitalization again without and voluntary help/treatment being offered or tried out.

I am being denied practically any freedom, and this has become a politically issue for me as well, as I am an anti-authoritarian. As I see Norwegian authorities and psychiatry refuses to accept or tolerate my political/philosophical views, and my views regarding forced treatment and permanent drugging. Therefore refuses to respect my human rights as per international law.

Also I have in this situation also become homeless and almost financially destitute as my former landlord now have seized the deposit.

I contacted the social services and was committed on the promise I would receive support and help to solve the situation, they did not follow up on this, in fact It took over 2 weeks before any social worker even contacted
me. Now the social worker here has denied me any form of assistance.

I am now left to sort out the social situation and paper work alone, through internet and phone.

I am having severe problems socially, by harassments and threats from neighbors, and what I consider outright blackmail, and as a result I feel very insecure in my environment.
The psychiatry and social services refuses to give me any form of real assistance or acceptable solutions, they even refuses to acknowledge there is a serious social problem.
Which leaves me more or less totally without civil rights, as per my diagnosis is Paranoid schizophrenia.

The situation has become so unbearable and I am becoming increasingly hostile and aggressive, as my patience is wearing thinner and thinner, and they are actively provoking a situation where as I will have a breakdown and so force a outburst of violence. In order to justify more drugging and more abuse and illegitimate authority.

I have complained to the patient oversight commission, my first complaint was trashed by employees and chief doctor here, my second complaint was hand delivered, and so forth is under process.

I also complained to the county chief physician regarding forced drugging, and the response was that they did not want to even interview me, and gave the head doctor here automatic full authority to medicate as he sees fit.

I have no support, no family, no network socially or politically anymore.
I have no one here to communicate with on as an equal, leaving me isolated, alone. Surrounded by people I more or less despise or gets on my nerves.

This hospital and the staff ignores all human dignity and rights, they refuse to give patients even prescription free stomach medicine, when in so much that they can barely stand on their feets.

Instead one patient had an outburst after 3 days of asking for stomach medicine. and as a result was belted down to a bed and forcefully medicated with Cisordinol. she was screaming for hours because the acid came up in windpipe because of stomach reflux. I could hear her screaming “what i have to go through to get stomach medicine”

Music/radio is banned, except in your room. TV is off until in the evening. There are rarely any newspapers. Phones are banned except in your room. Patients can stay locked in for up 6 hours in their room at one occasion, or not allowed to go outside in the park for weeks in some cases.

Patients have no place to retreat and relax to except their rooms.

Private belongings as per belts, shoes and all is locked in metal closets at security lockdown around 2100.

You have one option co operate or stay in your room, and even so follow orders. There is no real dialog, the threat of being belted and medicated is constant for most patients.
New patients are not even informed about any of their “rights” I have on three occasions had to explain to people what their rights, and advised them to contact a lawyer.

This is endless detention and forced drugging. I have spent 28 months since I returned to Europe in 2009 in detention, and they still insist that medicine will “cure” me. Cure me of what, A decent life as an equal human being ?

I need assistance, I have no civil rights anymore.

Sincerely yours
Andre Dahl Jensen
Norway, oslo 18.09.2013


Lawyer was here today, we went through the case we have against the hospital to prepare for the patient oversight committee, he said it is very very unlikely I will win against the chief doctors Harald Bauer and released.
he also informed me if I loose I can be detained for 6 months more until I can complain again. which means I can possible the be released sometime in 2014, at most 15.08.2014.

The patients here have today come together to write a joint complaint against the hospital, based on the total disregard for human rights, dignity and individuality of patients. However it will have little if no effect because no one on the outside will ever hear about it or read it, or give a fuck.

An older (pensioner) patient in wheel chair uttered today that she feared for her life in here, because of the bad treatment. She said “if I die here they will write it off as a suicide, and no one will ever know what happened or what I go through.

Staff/guards keeps repeating that we must behave, follow orders and try to be happy, and everything will sort itself out.

I hit the radiator so hard today that it fell off the wall, took a photo off it. will post.
My right hand is already busted from yesterday, as I hit it repeatedly at the window hard. Actively protesting by slamming doors leaving garbage around, messing up their bunker…Feel calmer after talking to Lawyer. I thoroughly tried to explain my situation, both in here and socially.
Though I don’t think he grasped the full extent of my social isolation, and how I have been socially and politically executed, and my only choice is to leave.

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