Comrade Francesco Carrieri imprisoned in Savona (Italy)

We learn that Francesco, a comrade arrested following the revolt of 15th October 2011 in Rome, was accused of breaking his bail conditions and was sent back to jail. A dozen people went immediately outside the prison of Savona in solidarity with the comrade.

Address of the comrade:

Francesco Carrieri
C.C. di Savona
Piazza Monticello 14
17100 Savona

Here follows the text of a leaflet distributed during a solidarity initiative in Savona, a place where some graffiti on the wall seem to upset the normal routine of a city that hosts a disgusting prison right in the middle of blocks of flats.


Francesco had been detained under house arrest for almost a year waiting for the trial he has to face for participating in the revolt of 15th October 2011 in Rome. In those days we were struggling against governments and their politics, which have brought the whole country to a disastrous crisis. A crisis we are not responsible for but of which we pay the consequences every day as we are enduring living conditions increasingly difficult, and we continue to be exploited, alienated, intoxicated by false dreams and induced needs and divided in a war among the poor.
Yesterday afternoon Francesco was in company of a few friends in the house where he was compelled to serve his detention. All of a sudden the Carabinieri [paramilitary police] stormed the house and for lack of competence or, worse, following some premeditated and devious cops’ revenge, they took Francesco to prison with the charge of not respecting certain restrictions that he actually hadn’t been subjected to.

There are plenty of jokes on the Carabinieri but it really sounds strange to us that the Carabinieri chief of Varazze is so stupid that he can’t read his paperwork and orders the incarceration of someone under house arrest who was allowed to get visits at home, as the restrictions on visits had been removed in February.

Certainly it is a revenge of the Carabinieri, faithful defenders of the institutions and of the State, always striking those who are hostile to the imposed social system.

Clearly it’s an act of intimidation aiming at weakening the courage of someone who has always claimed his ideas and choices. Needless to say it won’t be imprisonment to discourage Francesco and put an end to our desire for freedom, which pushes us to struggle every day.


In these days prisoners in many Italian jails are in struggle against prison conditions. Our solidarity goes also to them.


Solidali15ottobregenova (at) gmail (dot) com

Also read this letter by Francesco.

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