Text about the struggle against torture and the FIES isolation units (Spain)


In October 2011, prisoners of several prisons of the State of Spain organized and began the Campaign Against the Torture and Ill-treatment in Prison. The offer of action arose from inside after several months of previous debate and exchange of ideas between the own prisoners and the groups of support of the exterior about what tactics and forms of fight could be carried out. The common action agreed was a symbolic day of fasting the first of every month, which is accompanied with denunciations at the Congress of the Deputies for their political responsibility in the torture and death in the prisons, and denunciations at the Courts of Penitentiary Vigilance for his its complicity as the well to a group of official institutions of prevention of the torture for his permissiveness and complicity (Ombudsman, committee of Geneva and committee of Strasbourg).

A function of the groups of support in the exterior consisted of establishing a good coordination inside out in order that the information moves as effectively as possible and also to generate a network of solidarity attorneys to attend juridically the imprisoned companions before the reprisals.

The aim was to rise the awareness of the reality that exists after behind the walls of the jails, a collective fight from inside with support and diffusion in the street that throws a clear message of the mistreatment in the prisons, where the torture is not only physical but a systematic and permanent torture. Systematic and permanent for essence, the dispersion, the isolation, the regime of FIES, the concealed life imprisonment, the sanitary abandon, the restrictions and censorship of the communications, the mistreatment to the relatives, the jailers existence men in the women’s jails, the blackmail of the therapeutic modules where the imprisoned person are his own jailer, the blackmail of the obtaining permission, etc… All this is a torture, the simple fact of being enclosed against your will is a torture.

After one year and a half of fight the campaign continues forward, and in spite of not having grown in number (between 40 and 60 prisoners in 20 prisons) has become strong as a form of permanent resistance inside, and a tool of fight before the tortures. Since the tortures have not disappeared, and the reprisals have even increased. Nevertheless, juridical support for the case is resulting in increasing numbers of denounces and increasing external support with concentrations, marches, sending of faxes, publications … bringing to the street the voice of the prisoners and showing that they are not alone, breaking the silence and isolation that is tried to impose after the walls.

During this period several prisoners in fight have extended the actions realizing weekly hunger strikes, strikes of court, and in some cases of hunger strikes of 15, 40 and even 80 days. Signatures have been gathered in different prisons in support to the Campaign and have been sent to the Congress. The congress has declared cynically that the tortures do not exist, that the denouncements have no base, and that the people positioned against the tortures are abetting the prisoners false claims.

In spite of not possessing a great mobilization, nor inside nor out, it is a question of a long and constant fight, in continuous confrontation that it continues advancing with firmness and conviction.

The prison is the most cruel tool of the regime to impose their regime of domination and to suppress the will of those who they suppose in conflict with their interests. We live in the jail-system, and that affects us all, the support to the prisoners should be a common practice for all the anarchists and fighters for the freedom, let’s do of the solidarity a reality.


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