325, Anarchist Black Cross & Others Mentioned In Stratfor Emails (USA)

325 receives and transmits this message from anonymous anarchist hackers in the ongoing information war:

Hello comrades!

Due to the 10 year sentence handed down to anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond in NYC yesterday Wikileaks decided to release the remaining Stratfor emails they had been sitting on for some time. Stratfor is a company that posed outwardly as a global intelligence information publisher but were in fact providing confidential intelligence services to many fucked up corporations, government and law enforcement agencies.

There are MANY emails – millions of them, but already we have found some emails of interest to the global anarchist movement, they are as follows…

Mention of Denver Anarchist Black Cross and also mention of ‘Black Cross activists’ being suspects in Texas State Govt mansion fire:


FBI informant Brandon Darby was in contact with Stratfor:


Emails of 14 US police officers revealed (including some undercover officers):

Stratfor monitoring of Occupy Austin planning:


Stratfor monitoring of 325.nostate.net and attempt to establish owner of website… obviously not very astute students of revolutionary history otherwise they would know who Tommy Weissbecker was, hahaha!:


These are some of the more interesting emails we have found so far – and please remember there are millions of emails to go through. You can search the emails yourself, try being creative with search terms, you might be surprised at some of the important information you can find!

We will keep you all updated on any new developments!

For Total Information Liberation!
Free Hammond And ALL Anarchist / Anti-Authoritarian Prisoners!!

from some Anonymous Anarchists.

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