Barcelona: Anarchist comrades Monica and Francisco arrested for Zaragoza bomb attack – Chilean 'Caso Bombas' resurrected (Catalunya)

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On November 13th, our comrades Monica and Francisco were arrested by the repressive forces of the Spanish State, accused of the explosive bomb attack on the Pillar Basilica in Spain. A hurricane of grandiloquent statements have been unleashed unto this situation between representatives of both [Chilean and Spanish] governments; congratulations of resurrected prosecutors and recycled Interior Ministers as well. Monica and Francisco were arrested in August 2010 in the so-called Chilean Bombs Case. Both confronted the trial against them with dignity and rebellion; more than 9 months in medium and maximum pre-trial prison, rejected the prosecutor’s blackmail, carried out a 65 day hunger strike and confronted one of the longest trials [in Chilean history], and had all their charges dropped by the Court with their convictions in tact.

The police and media accusations that our comrades face today are based on the judicial files of the Chilean Bombs Case; raids that were unleashed against anarchist spaces, environments and individuals.

Today, the powerful want to resurrect the body of the Chilean Bombs Case, threatening to open new processes against us. Unto this we clearly state: we reject the accusations, but we do not deny who we are, our ideas, our links, our past, present and future of struggle.

There was and is no illicit association Anarchist association, there are no informal leaders, centres of power or terrorist funding. These delirious investigations only attempt to frame us in a logic of organization and life that we negate in practice. We despise the methods of Power and unto this the [Chilean] State identifies us as the usual suspects and the eternally convicted.

Beyond the somersaults given by the Judges, the Minister of the Interior, Prosecutors and Journalists, we maintain ourselves firm in our conviction that the judicial process that began in 2010 was an infamy that sought to criminalize friendships, persecute spaces, pointing toward life styles, past and present struggles.

The complicity between the Spanish and Chilean State demonstrates the terrorist facade of any structure of Power that maintain their domination through surveillance and fear.

We call out for energetic SOLIDARITY with Monica and Francisco as Anarchist comrades, beyond any judicial verdict, in the same way we express solidarity with the rest of those captured by the State throughout the world.

Despite the vast geography that separates us, our conviction of struggle keep us united against Power. It is necessary to approach realities and realize solidarity to break the isolation and the fear.

Monica and Francisco are our comrades and we will defend them against the police and media campaigns carried out by both States.

Because all States are Terrorist States and all Prisons are Centres of Extermination…

Revolutionary Solidarity Beyond all Borders!

Some Ex Co-accused from the Chilean Bombs Case

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