'Fighters, do not despair or hesitate!' by V.Q

Text taken from our pamphlet printed with Dark Matter Publications‘Anarchy – Civil or Subversive?’ : A Collection of Texts Against Civil Anarchism.

Fighters, do not despair or hesitate! We are at war. And as in all wars, distinctions begin to gather – rebels, fighters, discreet purveyors of safe houses, information and weapons, collaborators, the acquiescent, the ones who sit it out and keep their heads down, the new police which is made up of friends and lovers, not only the common enemies. We must understand that anarchism is a word that can be taken by anyone and so we must look to action as well as to speech. Not every anarchist is an anarchist, not every anarchist is for us. This is the first wound of war, but need not be fatal.

Comrades, do not be afraid to attack your friend if this becomes necessary because it is only when war is declared and we wake from more sonambulent times (I do not say peaceful), that the things we let pass then, now become essential to confront. Years of creeping irritation and depression become outright argument. And not only that. Last year, in response to heightened night-time attacks against infrastructure by anti-social anarchists, a social anarchist group in Easton, Bristol, (UK) cut back some trees on a cycle path “in broad daylight” so that the nice middle-class cyclists who are gentrifying the area could be safe from the teenage underclass muggers and wrote a communiqué as if it was a political action in a blatant attempt to insult and recuperate the attacks by the anarchists of praxis and the new FAI. IMC Bristol collaborated with this by promoting this action of the ‘Smart Casual Anarchist Federation’ to their promoted newswire, whilst they repeatedly allow the claims of responsibility that accompany insurgent anarchist arsons and bank smashings to remain nothing but trollbait. Meanwhile, for some years now, the only ‘activity’ or ‘attack’ made by the civil anarchists of the Federations and Libcom has been to attempt to isolate, undermine, disparage, banalise and sweet-grass on those who are nihilist, individualist and insurrectional – and to defend and align themselves with the collaborators and servants of the cops, Aufheben and their academic affiliates. A series of fake insurrectional claims penned and posted by a Libcom member was accompanied by a forum-based assertion that the uncontrollable anarchist tendency must be ‘liquidated’. Who needs cops when you have ‘comrades’ like this?

As society disintegrates, as civilisation does away with what little subtlety it had and demands absolute slavery of us, then ‘as above, so below’, those lies we told ourselves in another time – including that of ‘movement’ – also unravel. We are not all the same anarchist with identical or compatible ideas, just as we are not all the same human being with the same values. We are at war, simply this, and in times of war, perhaps our friends cease to be our friends, but reveal themselves as our enemies. This is not so terrible. It is better that we see it than persist in delusion.

We should not be shy of in-fighting. Nor think it cheap or disruptive to attack false comrades. We should never forget that war is never fought solely ‘at the top’ against uniformed enemies. War is always everywhere – in the seemingly smallest as in the biggest element. So fighters, do not despair or hesitate. Our enemies – within and without – will stop at nothing and nor shall we. This is the moment of rupture.


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