'The Disappeared' by V.Q

Text taken from our pamphlet printed with Dark Matter Publications‘Anarchy – Civil or Subversive?’ : A Collection of Texts Against Civil Anarchism.

Isn’t it strange how those who most loudly talk about ‘the mass’, ‘the people’, ‘the community’ – who repeat ad nauseam the importance of the social and pour scorn upon the individualists, that these people should begin their project by separating themselves off from their professed acolytes. And that, in their wild vitriol against those anarchists who refuse to submit to their rule, and their group-think, they impose a separateness on us who, in our anonymity and getting-on-with-it-in-our-own-way, are simply some of the people? When we break with the movement and submerge back into the ‘mass’ (whatever that means), the civil anarchists attempt to crush us, to ridicule our thought, our goals, our personal strategies for life, to describe our daily lives, activities and our characters in their arguments – as if they knew us – in order to shoot us down. And in this microcosmic revelation of the social tyranny, we see how this way is no more for liberation than Society’s: it is for conformity and the erasing of the difficult elements – a dystopia.

And isn’t it strange – what a funny contradiction – how those who pursue their own path, whose primary goal is not the liberation of the mass (because you cannot liberate others – they must come to this idea for themselves, perhaps through contact but not through convincing), but simply the exploration of the Self and the Self in relation to disparate, unaffiliated others, in the end find themselves disappeared back into the people, the mass, just as somehow the civil anarchists are apart from it. Leaving behind the false edifices of politics and political gangs, the individualist and her small group of friends becomes one of many ones, interacting not on the level of phantom identities and phantom goals, but face to face, free to come and go as s/he will amongst people, actions and ideas, meeting each moment anew, unencumbered by crude moral frameworks which dictate roles, language, and affinity, but discovering that ‘the mass’ as perpetrated by the social anarchist groups is a glorious, enjoyable, curious, depressing, sedentary, ignorant, hungry, angry, reactionary, thoughtful aggregation of individuals who sometimes confirm your worst fears and at other times take you completely by surprise. You have no true path to show your acquaintances in life outside ‘the movement’, no joining card to give the people you meet in the every day. They can eat what they want in your kitchen. And if you offend each other, you part ways without guilt. There is only you and you find that your very presence – stripped of slogans, badges, meetings and commandments – creates some spark in others, and through them, and because of them, you find new understandings and appreciations of things you had forgotten in the grand game of politics. Realise how impossible the dream written on a thousand banners really is, how the people do not exist as a revolutionary totality, how each individual can only find their way with a lot of other individuals, in this war between slave-souls and wild-souls.

It is not the easiest way, the individualist path, cut off from the apparent securities of the subcultural world: to allow a free self to emerge, to break chains that had the appearance of freedom, to be vigilant against the call of codes by which to live – the construction of ever smaller, narrower and airless prisons – but to live nonetheless with principle, to meet those bodies and minds and hearts who we rub shoulders with on the street, at work, with freshness, with quietness but boldness and assertion also, to live with an unflinching desire for destruction knowing that this cherished dream is an incalculable horror to most of those around you. But it is the same ‘inside’ the anarchist movement and ‘outside’ it, actually I am freer. Each person you meet is a potential friend and a possible enemy, but you have slipped past the guards, crossed the frontier and now you are out in the wilderness of Society. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is individuals who learn to exist according to their own centre – and only they – who can finally discover freedom.


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