Informal Days: International Anarchist Symposium – Comrade Gustavo Rodríguez disappeared and deported (Mexico)

Compañerxs, we´ll try to be as brief but objective as possible.

Since the evening of the 29th of December – the last day of the Informal Days: International Anarchist Symposium – up until today, the anarchist compañero Gustavo Rodríguez Romero has disappeared.

On the evening of the 29th, at approximately 7:30pm, Gustavo left the Che Guevara Auditorium alone headed in the direction of the Copilco metro station in order to later meet up with his partner and begin their return trip home. This never happened as Gustavo never arrived.

Five minutes after Gustavo left the auditorium, a compañera who was still at the event received a phone call from Gustavo, however only strange noise were heard, and after a few seconds the call dropped out. Given the strange call, the compañera called back on repeated occasions but without answer, and eventually assumed that later he would be in contact as had been arranged earlier.

Yesterday afternoon, the 30th of December, the same compañera received a message from Gustavo´s life partner asking if she knew about his whereabouts and saying that he had never arrived home, adding that when this had happened before he always had advised her and had never been out of contact, Gustavo is not one to play games of this sort nor to go AWOL or anything of the sort.

Until this morning, the 31st of December, we have not been able to find Gustavo anywhere, not in hospitals, nor police stations, nor in foreign detention centres (Gustavo was born in Cuba and holds a United States passport). The PGR (General Attorney of the Republic) has said that they do not have anyone under such a name in their custody.

We want to point out that this has occurred in the midst of the climate of harassment on the part of the police of the Federal District (Mexico City), which began when various anti-authoritarian, anarchist and libertarian collectives re-occupied the known Che Guevara Auditorium which is located in the Philosophy and Arts Faculty of the UNAM university, but which intensified when the International Anarchist Symposium began.

From then on until today, compañerxs who have entered and exited the auditorium have been harassed, had their photos taken, been followed either by foot on by car, as well as camouflaged ‘journalists’ being sent to ask people compromising questions etc.

Gustavo Rodríguez is an anarchist compañero of 54 years of age, who has written many articles about social politics, the majority focused on anarchism, as well as important contributions to the development of the Insurrectional Anarchist Perspective. His most recent work is a compilation of texts for the edition of a book names “That the night be lit up: Genesis, development and boom of the informal anarchist tendency in Mexico” recently published by Internacional Negra. He had been present at the International Anarchist Symposium in order to participate giving a talk named Anarchy, Insurrection and Social War.

We would also like to mention that Gustavo has also had various verbal and written retaliations as a response to the criticisms that he has made towards leftist groups, even leading to him being naively pointed out as the “leader” or “head” of anarchist action groups which have acted throughout the Mexican geography.

We demand the presentation of compañero Gustavo Rodríguez Romero with life!

We hold the government of Mexico City as principally responsible for this forced disappearance, given the climate of harassment and repression against anarchists which has been developing for months!

We are urging solidarity – as solidarity is our best weapon!

Mexico Anarchist Black Cross


A few hours ago the compañero Gustavo was able to communicate with us after being disappeared since the 29th of December.

Briefly he told us that he was detained by agents of the Federal Police and was submitted to strong interrogations. Gustavo commented that he was beaten during a few hours, and finally given that he was not able to be accused of anything was deported to the United States.

This deportation forms part of the anti-anarchist policy which the Mexican government has been implementing for many months, for this reason we are making a call to be alert for what may occur in the following days.

We thank all of those who circulated the communiqué about Gustavo´s disappearance, and we ask again that this information be circulated.

Solidarity with Gustavo!
Freedom for all!

Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

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